• Paid Search Ad Trends: What Gets People Clicking?

    There is a fine line between improving your brand promotional scheme and knowing your target audience, and that is creating paid search ads that get clicks. Want to take your PPC strategy into a higher level this 2019?Here are paid search ad trends that will guide your PPC campaign: Paid Search Ads That Make Searching Information Online Easier People can easily recognize search ads, and these ads help them find the information they need. You can get high-quality site traffic through clicks if people find your ads informational and helpful. If the ads are not relevant to their search, chances are they will ignore the ads and opt for... Read More

  • How to Get Your Lost Customers Back and Win Their Trust

    If your company fall short of customers’ expectations, it’s possible to lose a few customers. When this happens, you have two options. First, you do nothing about it and forget your lost customers. Second, you bounce back and win them over. So, how do you want to win back your lost customers after they’ve been disappointed by your product or service? Here are solutions that that can help you win customers trust. Find out Why Customers don’t leave without reason, so find out what made them upset. Pick up the phone and reach out to your former customer and ask them why they walk away. Conduct Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Th... Read More

  • Top 6 Business-Critical Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

    With today’s fast-paced digital marketing revolution, it’s not enough to stay on track. You have to look forward to what’s next to stay ahead of the competition. Take the next steps in digital advertising and get to the top of the game with these six (6) business-critical digital marketing for 2019.Artificial Intelligence (AI)AI technologies can take customer-centered marketing into a new level with improved efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. By implementing robotic processes and chatbots, you can take requests and provide data-related answers and personalized services to your customers quicker than humans can... Read More

  • 6 Tips to Boost Your Clients’ Conversion this Holiday Season

    You want to help your clients achieve a record-breaking sale this holiday season. Is that an impossible thing to do? No!To help your clients get more customers this Christmas, you need to make their marketing campaigns more conversion-friendly.Here are easy tips and tricks that will help your clients make the most out of the upcoming holiday season:Highlight Your Client’s Trending ItemsA customer’s best interest in buying an item depends on how the products are presented. One way to grab their attention is to add a bestseller list on your client’s homepage, showcasing their most popular products. Break down the ite... Read More

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