• 4 Reasons to Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns

    There are 3.2 billion email accounts in the world. And your customers are probably part of the 91 percent of users who check their email in a daily basis.So how can you leverage email marketing to benefit your business?Email automation.Today, we’ll show you why you need to ditch batch and blast and switch to email automation.What is Email Marketing Automation?Email Marketing is an ecosystem of software and actions that help automate ongoing conversations with customers while maintaining a high level of personalized content. This enables you to make sure that your subscribers get tailored content that they want to read. ... Read More

  • 4 Marketing Trends To Act On In 2018

    The leaves have been changing colors, and businesses are rolling out their annual budgets for their marketing efforts in 2018. It’s always essential to look back on the past year, but you have to look ahead to major trends to seek out new opportunities. Here are 4 marketing trends to shake things up and drive your marketing efforts toward success.Video IntegrationFifty-five percent of people watch video content thoroughly, and by the year 2020, online videos will account for more than 80 percent of all online traffic. Integrating video content into your marketing efforts might seem like a tough undertaking, but there’s alwa... Read More

  • Planning for the Holiday: How to Prime Your Marketing Strategy

    The holiday creeps on us very fast, and business owners would be starting their holiday marketing plans sooner or later. Starting to plan and execute your strategy will pay off later, so you can get the most out of holidays with your family and friends. Keep reading to learn how to plan and perfect your holiday marketing strategy.Update your website.Your website should be in tip-top shape this Holiday to get increasing sales. Hiring a professional for a website audit or analysis is crucial to determine if anything is broken on your website or there are issues that could affect the sales you get. Also, work with your develop to ens... Read More

  • Tips For Marketing Your Business This Holiday Season

    The holiday season is just around the corner. It provides many opportunities for businesses to market to customers in unique ways. To get your business ready to cash in on this holiday shopping craze, we’ve put together a list of holiday marketing ideas your business can use.Use social media.Social media channels like Facebook have become more than just mere brand-awareness platforms. These channels play a significant role in generating real and measurable sales for businesses. Use the power of social media to grab the attention of your customers. For instance, create high quality holiday images and seal the deal by directing th... Read More

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