Top 6 Business-Critical Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

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With today’s fast-paced digital marketing revolution, it’s not enough to stay on track. You have to look forward to what’s next to stay ahead of the competition. Take the next steps in digital advertising and get to the top of the game with these six (6) business-critical digital marketing for 2019.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI technologies can take customer-centered marketing into a new level with improved efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. By implementing robotic processes and chatbots, you can take requests and provide data-related answers and personalized services to your customers quicker than humans can do.

  1. AR & VR Marketing

Augmented and virtual realities are great brand marketing tools that can fulfill the needs of your customers of engaging and actively participating in your brand’s messaging. They offer tremendous opportunities in adding value to customer’s experiences. AR and VR technologies help increase your brand’s exposure while improving your sales.

  1. Voice Search

About one-third of 3.5 billion Google searches are voice searches which are expected to grow larger by 2019. With voice search on the rise, you should consider your customer’s preference when making a search or inquiry online. It is also helpful to start creating content in a conversational tone that aligns with the voice search.

  1. Video Marketing

A prediction from Washington Post says that 80% of overall Internet traffic would account for videos in the coming years. Today, most people would choose to watch a video than a blog post or an article. As videos start to dominate the web, it makes sense to publish brand-centric videos. Create video tips that provide the information that your customers need at the moment.

  1. Programmatic Advertising

In 2019, automation technology will start to take its place in online marketing. Programmatic advertising uses data and real-time technologies to sell your brand on the web. It can be in the form of videos, ads, voice, streaming modules and other tools to deliver your message to consumers.

  1. Machine Learning

A report by Forbes states that 75% of marketing organizations that use machine learning have increased customer satisfaction by over 10%. This tool offers vast opportunities for small and large businesses especially in measuring ROI or return on investment. Moreover, machine learning can solve problems that may occur in the sales and marketing funnel.

Needless to say, there is more to expect in digital marketing trends this 2019. Stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends. Contact us at Cornerstone Marketing Solutions today!