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Digital Marketing Experts Discuss the Top Powerful SEO Trends of 2022

February 3 2023


SEO For HVAC & Plumbing Companies in 2022: Top Powerful Trends You Need to Know

It can be hard enough just trying to rank high in the organic search results. But when you're competing with other businesses who want their content seen by potential customers, it becomes outright vicious.

With several SEO trends that have popped up in the past years, how do you know which of them actually works for your business? Google’s algorithm is evolving so fast, and the trends that worked last year might not work this time around.

Now that we’ve reached 2022, what SEO trend should you keep and focus on your time and resources?

Let’s discover the top trends in SEO for HVAC companies that will surely boost traffic in your website.

The “People Also Ask” Feature


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When you’re on Google search, you might always see this “people also ask” somewhere on the page. Do you know what this means? This section is a series of commonly asked questions which you would want to provide answers.

Studies show that about 49% of Google searches use this feature for answers---and you’re in a strategic position if you’re making the most out of this feature. What you need to do is to use a keyword research tool to determine long-tail question keywords mostly asked by your audience.

Your goal is to rank higher or even on top of Google and this strategy is just one step closer to that. Start getting more visibility this 2022!

AI-Generated Content

You don’t want your clients or audience waiting for your content right? This is where using AI for generating content helps in several ways. Not only AI allows quicker content creation, but it also empowers your team to generate SEO-optimized content.

If you’re not sure where to start with your content and getting ideas may seem a hard work, then an AI tool can do that for you. In seconds, it can generate plagiarism-free content based on your command. Plus, it can create unique meta tags or descriptions and titles or topics at a scale.

Core Web Vitals

Considered as one of the top ranking factors in Google, this SEO for Plumbing Companies trend continues to become relevant in identifying the overall user experience on mobile or website.

To measure the experience of a user on a specific page, Core Web Vitals uses three (3) performance metrics:

  • First Input Delay (FID) – is the time it takes for a web page to respond to user input. It's an important factor in SEO because it affects how users interact with a site. A good first input delay makes a site more responsive and user-friendly, while a bad first input delay can frustrate users and make them less likely to stick around. 
  •  Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) - Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is an important web performance metric that measures the time it takes for the largest content element on a page to load. 

The largest content element could be an image, a video, or even a block of text. LCP is a key metric for measuring the user-perceived loading speed of a page, and can play an important role in determining whether users stay on a page or bounce away.

  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) - is an SEO for HVAC Companies technique that helps you to improve the visibility and ranking of your website by increasing the total number of pages that Googlebot can crawl and index from your website.

Cumulative layout shift is achieved by adding new content to your website on a regular basis, including new blog posts, articles, product pages, etc. This ensures that Googlebot always has new content to crawl and index, which helps to improve the overall visibility and ranking of your website.

A website’s first impression is everything. The way a site loads and responds can mean the difference between visitors leaving quickly or staying for hours, which ultimately leads to more sales!

Keyword Clustering

Keyword is everything in SEO for HVAC companies. Today, keyword research has become a more complex process as Google’s NLP (natural language processing) becomes more and more advanced.

Gone are the days of single keyword optimization. Google ranks our pages regardless, meaning it's time to aim higher in 2022!

With keyword clustering, your goal is to identify multiple keywords with the same intent and create content or pages that target those ‘keyword clusters’.

Search engine optimization? Your mind may say “ohh this sounds pretty hard”. But with the right strategy and team at work, you can pave your way to the topmost page of Google.



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