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Digital Marketing Company in Allen, TX Explains Why Online Reviews are Important

April 27 2023


Why Online Reviews are Essential for Your Brand & How to Ask for Them

When collected and implemented proactively, online reviews, as part of your internet marketing in Allen, TX, can do wonders for your business. Big time. They can improve your brand image, rank, reputation, and prove that you’re as badass as you claim you are.

This trend is confirmed by a study published by My Testimonial Engine, which indicates that 72% of customers won’t take action before they read some reviews.


Let’s review these top 5 benefits of online customer reviews for your business.

Offers Free Advertising

Online reviews can provide your business the kind of mass exposure that you may not achieve through conventional marketing channels—for FREE. Every positive customer review posted exposes your brand to readers and potential customers, promoting awareness of who you are and what you do.

Increases Sales

Consumers are more likely to make a purchase if others around them have positively spoken about it. Beyond question, online reviews are a huge source of social proof, and they can significantly increase your online sales. A five-star rating can give someone enough of a feel that your product or service is worth their time and money.

Makes You More Visible

Search engines use complex algorithms (that’s an understatement.) However, there’s one thing we are sure of. Google reviews help boost rankings and overall SEO efforts. Keeping online reviews coming into your website will help Google better understand your business—a huge factor that improves overall rankings.

Provides Opportunities to Improve Your Business

Online reviews give you a good opportunity to improve your current business practices and resolve conflicts with existing and potential customers. Many customers would also love to share some suggestions about how you can do things better and what new products or services you could offer. Simply put, customer reviews are a free source of new business ideas.

Builds A Closer Relationship With Customers

Your customers would enjoy knowing the people behind your HVAC or plumbing business. By responding to reviews, customers will get to know you more as a business and as an individual. Find time to respond to testimonials to show your customers that you are interested in what they have to say about you.

Overall, the way you market your business is essential, but having people talk about you gives you a head start in your HVAC marketing in Allen, TX. Remember, a business without reviews is soulless!



Is there a certain finesse that you need to master when asking for customer reviews? Let us show you how we do it at Cornerstone Marketing Solutions.


Cornerstone Local is a breakthrough review generation software that makes it easy for you to request online reviews on your website. The app will ensure that your customers are routed to your preferred review pages such as Google+, Yelp, Angie’s List and many more.


Segments Your Local Target Market

Our plugin options allow you to segment your reviews by local city, region or company representative. This means that you can arrange your best content, local customer reviews into city-specific pages.

Creates Powerful Content

Cornerstone Local is a proprietary software of CSMS that makes it extremely simple to generate powerful content for your website. You can post action shot photos showing clients what you are working on, check into job locations, and reach out to your customers and clients for reviews.

Allows You to Share Your Reviews on Social Networks

Integrate your review page with your Facebook page for an even stronger online presence that can be shared by your Facebook followers. Remember, social media marketing in Allen, TX helps improve your reputation.

Interested in Cornerstone Local?  Contact us today, and we’ll help you take control of your online reputation and achieve greater heights for your business today!

Contact us at 214-319-8275, or book an appointment here.

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