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Allen's Digital Marketing Experts Discuss the 2021 Online Marketing Trends

April 27 2023


HVAC and Plumbing Digital Marketing Trends You Should Invest In this 2021

There has been a trend shift in digital marketing in Allen, TX—and we all could tell that! Businesses worldwide had to adapt to the marketing landscape’s reshaping, or else they’ll lose clients and have to shut down. The year 2020 has forced people to spend more time on social media, while video calls and conferences became the new norm.

This change became an obstacle for the brands in connecting with their consumers. Let’s take a look at the key trends for the year 2021.


Live-Streams and Influencer Content

Lockdowns meant that public events are cancelled, and people were not allowed to socialize, so they had to stay at home. Thus, it made people turn to live-streams, whether it’s a brand’s live-stream, their favorite celebrity, or an online tutorial.

Live streaming is an effective way to offer fresh content to your audience and pull more influencers to your campaign. It gives face and voice to your content, which lack in written forms of marketing.

Purpose-Driven Campaigns

Would you invest in something you can’t trust? Definitely not! Consumers won’t give any attention to brands that they deem insincere. Transparency plays a massive role in keeping consumers attracted to brands. You need to establish a connection between your clients and your product so that you’ll remain trusted in 2021. If you’re planning a campaign, make sure that it’s viable to gain more consumers.

Quality Content Through Videos

When talking about digital marketing strategy, quality content is king. Content, paired with the right search engine optimization in Allen, TX, is the cornerstone of many successful brands in the advent of new media. However, the demand for content format is changing, with the online community seeking a new wave: videos.

Videos from YouTube, Tiktok, and Netflix became the new medium to beat when it comes to content. But, there’s good news! People will crave almost every form of video content. May it be short-form, long-form, animated, live-action, and more. You have to create content that accurately reflects your brand. With videos, you can always expect to have an audience for it.

User-Generated Content

Based on a study, 90% of consumers say user-generated content holds more influence in their buying decisions than other marketing strategies, like promotional emails. User-generated content could be a review, a social media update, a podcast, or a video—anything that’s related to your brand.

It’s an effective digital marketing strategy that will shape, strengthen, and inspire communities, allow brands to discover and meet customers on platforms they’re currently using, and help businesses produce tons more content amid stay-at-home orders and restrictive measures.

Programs for Sustainability

You’ll gain more consumers if your company has a campaign or takes effort in improving the environment. It shouldn’t be surprising as more and more brands show that they care for the environment, either through plastic-less packaging, the materials they use, or their systems.

As more consumers are actively seeking purpose-driven brands that care about the environment, it will soon become critical for businesses (including yours) to create campaigns that are centered on sustainability and environmental protection.

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