By downloading and using the Lead Nurture Machine app, our terms and conditions will automatically apply. Make sure that you read them carefully before using the App.

App And Related Terms

Regardless of the version of the app you have downloaded, these App Terms incorporate Google Android and Apple’s terms and conditions and privacy policies. If there are any conflicts between the Platform Terms and App Terms, then these App Terms will prevail.

Please check these App Terms from time to time to know the changes we’ve made. You are deemed to accept these changes; otherwise, we can’t permit you to use this App and the services that come with it.

Use of the App

We hereby grant you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable license to use the Lead Nurture Machine App. In the event of the breach of the App Terms, we will be entitled to terminate the User License instantly.

Prohibited Uses

You should agree not to use this App in any way that:

  • is offensive or obscene;
  • is unlawful, unauthorized or illegal;
  • is defamatory of other persons;
  • is likely to embarrass, harass, upset, or annoy other persons;
  • infringes any database right, copyright, or trademark of other persons;
  • promotes racial, sexual, religious, or disability discriminations;
  • promotes, assist, or advocate any unlawful acts; or
  • affects our business in any way

Protection of Registration and Password Data

Before you use the Lead Nurture Machine App, you will be required to provide your registration data and password. You agree to be responsible for the security and confidentiality of the personal information you’ve provided to us when registering for service offerings, website activities, or features. You agree to inform us of any unauthorized access to your personal data after you become aware of such conduct.


You agree to indemnify Cornerstone Marketing Solutions for the breach of these App Terms. We hold the right to control the settlements and defence of third-party claims for which you indemnify us under these App Terms. You also agree to assist in executing such rights.

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about our App, you can contact us at 214-530-9022 or email us at thecsms@gmail.com.