Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the World?

By Markus Calatrava,

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Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the World?
Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over The World?


Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over The World?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology that supports businesses in their production processes and customer service strategies. It has become mightier and smarter than human brainpower…and it will be here faster than you realize.

So here’s the million-dollar question, “Will AI take over the world?”

Let’s find out!

AI Is Expensive

Artificial Intelligence and robots are expensive technologies. Obviously, large corporations with enough resources are the ones who will utilize AI, while small companies with limited finances will stick to the traditional way of running the business.

But Humans Are Cheap!

Humans will still be cheaper than AI and robots. Humans only need food, water, and shelter to stay alive, and that only requires lower marginal cost. On the other hand, the costs of AI and robots are much higher.

AI and robots require wiring, electricity, rare metals, maintenance, and repairs to work in optimal condition, while humans only need self-repairing to get back on track. Plus, AI and robots only learn the task without being programmed with explicit instructions, which means that they can’t be as flexible as humans.

AI Has No Legal Rights

AI and robots don’t have legal rights. They cannot own a property, start a company, sign a business contract, or become a CEO. These things may appear like small parts of the human life, but they allow people to hold power in society.

Also, don’t believe that AI can manipulate you to give up your rights voluntarily. Yes, AI may seem to get smarter, but it doesn’t mean that it makes you dumber.

AI Is a Technology of Wealth

AI and robots will be vastly exclusive for people or organizations that can afford them (like large enterprises and rich consumers in the United States, Europe, and Japan). Outside the wealthiest countries, AI is useless. Remember, there are many brilliant technologies that are not widely used outside the rich nations—and AI is one. Now, if you think that is a big world takeover, think again. The world is much bigger than that!

AI, robots, and machine learning are tools. Just like everything else, they can be used in the right or wrong way. Therefore, it is the way how we use them should concern us—not the methods themselves. And no matter how popular they are, they will still remain sophisticated machines, and that’s enough reason for you to get unstuck from the fear of an AI uprising in the future.

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