Why That 2-Star Review is Killing Your Business

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Why That 2-Star Review is Killing Your Business

Why That 2 Star Review Is Killing Your Business

The truth is, 88% of people trust online reviews more than personal recommendations, and around 40% of consumers decide on a brand after reading one to three reviews. So when someone leaves a 2-star review, it could be the end for your business. Here’s how!

Dissatisfied Customers Will Stop Doing Business With You

Mind you, but that 2-star review can drive away potential customers, and you may end up witnessing a big shrink on your customer base. Research shows that around 22% of prospects or about 30 customers are lost with even one negative review.

Negative Experience Leads To Bad Reviews

Negative reviews can undermine the reputation that you have worked hard for years. They make your customers trust your brand less. Failing to effectively manage bad reviews will lead to loss of sales and reduced profitability. Take note that customer experience is vital to your success.

Your Website Isn’t Ranking

At least 10% of Google’s ranking algorithm is based on reviews and feedback from your customers. Negative ratings give your business website a low ranking in search engines, making it harder for your target audience to find you online. Google only recommends credible companies to customers, so if your website isn’t on top of search results, it’s likely because of your 2-star review.


Yes…2-star reviews can destroy your business, but we can help you overcome them. At CSMS, we have a fantastic tool, called Cornerstone Local (CSL), which can help you harness the power of your growing online reputation and propel your website to the top of search engine rankings.

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