What To Do About Negative Reviews Online

By Avy Magalona,

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What To Do About Negative Reviews Online

While positive reviews can boost your business, negative reviews can lead to its downfall if not recognized and handled well. This is why you should know how to use them to your business’s advantage.  If you’re not sure how to deal with negative reviews online, here are tips that can help.

What To Do About Negative Reviews Online?


What to Do About Negative Reviews Online?

You’ve done all the hard work to build a business from scratch. And all of a sudden, POOF—bad comments from grumpy customers just blotted out your hard-earned reputation. 

Fortunately, negative customer feedback doesn’t have to cost you your business. Follow these simple tips to handle bad online reviews.  

Acknowledge the Issue and Respond Promptly

Customers who leave complaints online simply want to be heard. Recognize their issues and reply to them immediately. Let them know that you stand behind your products or services, and you’re willing to listen to their concerns—that’s all they need in the first place.

Don’t Make Excuses, Act Professionally

React to negative reviews in a professional and friendly way. No matter how harsh the reviews are, be sure to maintain the positive image of your business. Don’t tell your customers who or what caused the problem just to have someone or something to blame. 

Be Sincere in Your Replies

Be sincere when it comes to replying to negative reviews posted by your customers. The best way to do it is to reach out to them on a personal level. Provide them your direct phone number or email if needed.

Take Things Offline

After leaving a genuine response to your customers, take the next discussions offline. Taking the problem offline doesn’t just prevent other customers from seeing your conversation, but it also shows that you are sincere in solving the problem with or without the audience.

Think Outside the Box

You can use your negative experiences as inspirations to learn and grow. But if you consistently receive negative customer reviews, then something might not be right. Maybe it’s the right time for a change! Do some research and ask for help from the experts.

Negative reviews have a huge impact on your business. But if you do something to address them earlier, then you can turn negative experiences into opportunities.

Here at Cornerstone Marketing Solutions, we can help you win your customer back—and even attract more. If responding to negative customer reviews isn’t part of your business plan, then we can help. Give us a call at 214-530-9022!

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