Top 6 Web Design Trends for 2020

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Top 6 Web Design Trends for 2020
Top 6 Web Design Trends for 2020


Top 6 Web Design Trends for 2020

Possibilities are becoming endless in the web design world. We’re witnessing web designers do extremely creative web layouts and experiment with new ideas and techniques while reinventing the old ones.

As the calendar flips to 2020, here are the top 6 web design trends to watch out for.

Custom Illustrations

This 2020, illustrations are going to be everywhere; and they will definitely go a long way to help companies establish their online presence and create an impact on their industry. The best thing about custom illustrations is that they are incredibly unique—they can be created based on the designer’s preference, or customized to fit a style, purpose, or brand.

Typographic Diversity

By putting visual weight to a text, you can direct readers to where you want them to look at first. However, it can be too overwhelming especially when there’s too much to read. Stay creative and do more typographical experimentation. Make use of typefaces, retro fonts, and different styles. This 2020, imperfection is one of the keys to establishing your site.

Minimalist & Mobile-Friendly Website

With the development of mobile phones, your website should be able to glue all the information your audience needs—no matter what device they use. That said, brands are going for simple website templates by fearlessly using spaces, stunning typography, and striking visuals.

Data Visualization

Visuals are quickly becoming a trend when it comes to creating engaging posts and stories this year. It is easier for visitors to comprehend information when it comes to aesthetically pleasing visuals such as images and videos, instead of plain and boring long paragraphs.

Dark Mode Themes

You may have already noticed brands, like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, bring this trend into the mainstream. A dark-mode theme is a  unique web design idea of maximizing light lettering and graphics on a dark background. Dark themes are becoming popular because they can be customized into any niche. Also, they help reduce battery consumption for mobile devices and lessen eye strain for visitors.

Scroll-triggered Animations

A growing trend in website development is having animation triggered by scrolling. These creative animations add an extra layer of meaning into existing content, giving a more interactive and fun experience to your visitors.

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