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The Difference Between Organic Search and Paid Search
The Difference Between Organic Search and Paid Search


Organic Search

Also known as natural results, organic search is the result listings that are determined by search engine algorithms. The results you get are mostly related or relevant to your query. This means that when you look for something to read or purchase online, the results that appeared on the first page of Google or any search engines are of the highest quality and the most relevant to your search.

Pros of Organic Search

  • Improves website referrals
  • Increases  brand awareness
  • Builds credibility and trust
  • Receives around 90% more traffic than PPC

Paid Search

Paid search is purely for advertisements where site owners paid certain search engine platforms to display their listings or pages. With paid search, you use keywords or phrases to show more specific results. Basically, the fee you pay goes to the clicks and views of your ads.

Pros of Paid Search

  • Increases traffic to your website
  • Helps evaluate your ad performance in real-time
  • Improves conversion rates through remarketing
  • Helps you find the appropriate audience 

Organic Vs. Paid – Which is Better?

There isn’t an exact differentiation that can determine which one is better between the two. In fact, you may choose both! The best approach that you can use depends largely on the type of your business, your budget, and the goals of your web presence. While organic search carries a greater sense of credibility and authority, paid search can help drive more conversions and ROI for businesses that are product or brand-specific.

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