Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

By Markus Calatrava,

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Social Media Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Do you want to optimize your social media presence? Achieving success in various social networks requires one to have the right understanding of social media etiquettes as stated in the infographic below.

Social Media Marketing Do's and Don'ts


Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Generating a winning social media marketing strategy can be overwhelming, and not all business owners pull it off. How about you? Are you doing it right?

In this infographic, we’ll share a few do’s and don’ts of social media marketing that every business should be aware of.


Create a Plan

Know who your ideal customer is and find out what kind of content works for them. Track meaningful metrics, collect real-world data and conduct a competitive analysis. If you need help in planning your social media strategy, you may partner with a digital marketing agency to help you get started.

Interact With Your Audience

If you want to get the most out of social media marketing, your job shouldn’t end with publishing content. Build a connection and learn how to communicate with your audience. The online community craves authenticity and they like to feel that the time they spent on your posts is appreciated.

Build Your Identity

Who do you think would trust a company with varying and inconsistent information on different social media platforms? Multi-level companies may change their approach to each region, but they always have that identify that distinguishes them from the rest. Create a persona to maintain a good and consistent brand reputation.


Juggle Too Many Social Media Accounts

Quality over quantity! Having many social media accounts does not always mean an increase in revenue. Instead of having multiple accounts on different social media platforms and spending lesser time on each, focus on at least one or two of them, and you learn how to maximize opportunities.

Bore Your Viewers

Social media marketing is a good opportunity to connect with your viewers. Always make yourself available when they need you. If not, commit to a specific time when you can communicate with them. Avoid being anti-social. Learn not only to educate but to entertain. Spend time reading their reactions, comments or suggestion about your posts.

Be Too Salesy

Yes, you’re trying to sell something to your customers, but please don’t overdo it. Let your audience and customers know that there’s more to your business than just sell, sell, sell.

While social media marketing can sometimes be overwhelming, at the end of the day, it is crucial for your business. Learn how to master this art, and you’ll very soon unlock its full potential.

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