CASE STUDY: Air Anytime, LLC

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CASE STUDY: Air Anytime, LLC
Case Study: Air Anytime, LLC


CASE STUDY: Air Anytime, LLC


Air Anytime, LLC wanted to make its business known to its target audience, keep in touch with them, and turn them into buying customers. Their partnership with Cornerstone Marketing Solutions helped them achieved their goals.


The HVAC industry is highly competitive, so our team figured out how to make their company stand out from the competition. We focused our strategies on the following:

  • Develop and Maintain a Responsive Website that Generates Leads
  • Increase Engagement Through Social Media Marketing
  • Generate Organic Website Traffic with Local SEO
  • Improve How Their Brand is Seen and Presented Online by Monitoring Reviews


We are proud to present the results of our efforts.

  • Increased monthly visitors from 298 to 735 as of February 2019
  • Improved engagement rate on social media: Facebook (3,845 followers) Instagram (96), and Twitter (from 0 to 103)
  • Increased keyword ranking from 6 to 114 keywords
  • Increase in organic call leads from 126 in 2019 to 739 in 2020

Do you want to achieve the same (or even better) results for your HVAC business?

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