How to Stay Engaged with Customers and Keep Sales Alive During the Covid-19 Crisis

By Mckie Misme,

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How to Stay Engaged with Customers and Keep Sales Alive During the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought so much changes to the way we do business. Customers have to follow local and state restrictions and stay at home to control the rapid spread of the virus. This is not good news for many business owners.

For HVAC and plumbing businesses, however, there are several ways to keep the ball rolling during the pandemic. Here are some helpful strategies to stay connected with customers and keep your sales alive amid the crisis:

Invest in Digital Marketing

If you haven’t invested in digital marketing yet, then this is the first thing you should do now! In this time of social distancing, HVAC and plumbing companies become more reliant than ever on digital marketing since they can’t make face-to-face transactions with their customers.

With smart “No-Contact” marketing strategies implemented by Cornerstone Marketing Solutions, you can still connect with your customers and keep your sales afloat.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

Most of your customers are already on social media—and they might use the platforms too often to check out the latest updates on the virus. Make it an opportunity to connect with them.

Whether you’re trying to spread awareness or conducting a giveaway contest, posting positive content will help take all the panic out of their minds. Also, strategically increasing your posting frequency ensures that you are found in your customers’ news feeds.

Do More Online Deals

So, you have your website and social media accounts. Utilize them to send out reminders to your customers. Tell them that they can still schedule appointments or purchase your products from the comfort of their home. Don’t forget to offer them discount codes or gift cards, so they’ll be more interested in your business. This strategy will give your customers more reasons to keep doing business with you in the future.

Provide a Contactless Appointment

With the increasing time spent by homeowners indoors, the demand for comfort is higher than ever. Their HVAC and plumbing systems have to work nonstop—and the occurrence of failure is inevitable.

Commit to delivering the same level of service to which your customers have accustomed to by providing a contactless appointment. Have this mentioned on your website, so your customers know that your business remains open to serve.

Be sure to stay vigilant and compliant with state and federal guidelines to keep your staff and customers safe when doing a contactless service.

Inform Your Customers How You Respond to the Virus

Determine the actions that your business is taking and let your customers know about it. Doing so will give them peace of mind knowing that your business is adhering to safety protocols during the COVID-19 outbreak.

You may send them an email or post a blog on your website or social media accounts. Share what steps you’re following and taking to secure your staff and customers’ safety. Let them know that you are enforcing self-quarantine to your service technicians who are experiencing the symptoms of the disease.

We Can Help With Your Marketing During This Crisis

The worldwide crisis left small and large brands in panic. To keep your business relevant during these trying times, you should stay on top of customer service and keep updated with the current customer trends.

Your marketing initiative during this time should be designed based on customers’ sentiment. And when you’re successful at it, they will remember your business—with or without the crisis.

Let Cornerstone Marketing Solutions help your business take its marketing strategies to a new height during the COVID-19 outbreak. Contact us online or schedule an appointment with us today!