What is On-Page SEO and How to Improve It?

What is On-Page SEO and How to Improve It?

On page SEO is the process of optimizing web pages to help them achieve higher rankings in search engines and get more visiting traffic. On page specifically means the content on the webpage and the HTML page source code which can be optimized including Meta tags and keyword density. Off page SEO normally refers to external signals such as links.

To improve on page SEO make your URL’s short and include your target keyword in it. Remember, it is the first 3-5 words that are the most important to Google. Your keyword should be in the beginning of the title tag to optimize its performance in search engines. Add more to your page than just text, include diagrams, videos and images. This will encourage people to spend more time on your site making the user interaction ranking higher and this is something Google pays attention to. It will also encourage people to link to your site. Consider wrapping your target keywords in an H2 tag to help optimize on page SEO. Place your keywords in the initial 100-200 words of your articles.

Is your site mobile friendly? Google penalizes sites that are not mobile friendly, confirm that it is and consider using responsive design. Link out! Link to related pages to help Google figure out your pages topic and show your site contains quality information that is useful. Be sure to link in as well, add keywords in all your entries.

Last of all, try to increase your site speed by switching to faster hosting and compressing images. A site should not take longer than 4 to 5 seconds when loading. A slow loading site has been proven to prevent people returning to a site. A great tool to use to see how fast or slow your page is loading is GTMetrix.com. The investment in a premium hosting site will pay off.

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