Webinar Marketing – Keeping an Audience

Webinar Marketing – Keeping an Audience

Webinars are becoming increasingly popular. It is a simple way to share information and promote your business all around the world via a few clicks on your computer. The trick is maintaining an audience. To do this the webinars must be clearly communicated, educational and entertaining. People have short attention spans, here are some hints to keep them focused.

Have a goal in mind! Set a number you want to reach for registrants and work towards reaching it. This is a quick way to help you measure success. Remember though, that normally only 25% of people who register, actually attend the webinar. Get your audience to watch and listen by picking a topic that interests people, not just you. Choose a topic broad enough to appeal to many people but is targeted to be selective. What will get attendees excited? What will have them talking about the Webinar and spreading the word to entice people to watch your next one? There is no shame in promoting your Webinars by offering a drawing with a prize or discount to your service.

Don’t forget the old saying “right place, right time”. This means do not host your Webinar over the weekend, this is obvious, but a common mistake. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are recommended at around 1:00pm. Cater to your targeted audience though, if your largest audience happens to be overseas, work around the time change.

Ask for feedback, what worked, what didn’t? People enjoy giving their opinion and you may find some valuable advice. Be sure to send a registration confirmation and a thank you email. Give people the option to add the Webinar to their calendar so they are reminded about it. A reminder email or two is a good idea. Do not hesitate to market the Webinar on social media platforms or your webpage.

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