Video Marketing – SEO Optimization

Video Marketing – SEO Optimization

Videos are becoming increasingly important on the internet as users gain access to faster internet connections. Therefore, businesses should start thinking about video SEO and the strategy behind marketing video content on the internet. Videos are especially important in helping drive traffic to your website. Google and other search engines recognize that videos can offer high quality content, and take time and effort to produce. For this reason, they place a lot of importance on videos and see them as supporting signals for the quality of your site’s content.

Creating video content takes time. So, how we utilize the finished product to make sure it is driving traffic or sales on your site is crucial. The key is in marketing it successfully.

Link Building

Once you have a video created and have shared it on your website or a 3rd party hosting site like YouTube, you will want to share it with the world. Building links back to your videos naturally so you do not incur any penalties with search engines is a great place to start. Sharing on social media channels so that your user base can help you spread the word rally works! Integrating the video into a blog post and promoting through other marketing channels is also key. There are endless possibilities when it comes to sharing your videos.

Video XML Sitemaps

Video XML Sitemaps are very important for helping your video content be found. Video Sitemaps give search engines a definitive list of all the video content on your site in a format that gives them all the information they need in order to properly index all of your content. This is similar to your regular XML sitemap in making sure that all of the videos you have created can be found in their SERPs for the terms you are targeting. Not only will it help you get found in SERPs, it also gives you the opportunity to influence how your video entry will show on the various search result pages.

Choosing Keyword

Just as with any SEO strategy, the keywords you choose are very important. There are a few places that the keywords you choose need to be carefully thought out. The first is the actual filename of the video. The search engines look at the filename and use it to determine what the video is about.Use a title that is catchy and easily remembered. In the case of YouTube, this refers to the title field when uploading a video. Certain services also offer keyword fields when uploading a video.

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