People love to Tweet! It is a fast, informative social platform and a sure way to get information out to lots of people in a concise manner. Twitter has millions of users and all those users should be considered potential clients or customers. As a business, how can you use Twitter to your advantage? How can you reach people and take command of your Twitter feed with positive results? Let’s go over some tips.

Make sure you make connections

You can’t just randomly Tweet. This is an opportunity for you to find people interested in your services and turn into potential clients. So, perform a search using the Twitter search bar and find people who would have an interest in your company. Target people who are already tweeting about things you could help them with. If you are an A/C company look for people who are complaining about being too hot! Or complaining about the long summer.

Twitter is full of real-time information so to speak, so use it to your advantage. Searching key words is easy and will yield results. Then, you can interact with these people. Be sure to offer helpful tips and not come across as spam…..Twitter uses respond more favorably to what they see as well written Tweets, not generic statements.

Build a personality

If you become a person on Twitter, meaning your tweets show a unique company or individual instead of generic comments or advertising people will look forward to your tweets. Interesting tidbits that promote your services in a fun, enjoyable way means that other Twitter uses will be more prone to read them and tweet back. To build on this, you can add images. They can spice up the engagement.

Have a strategy for your content

Twitter is always on the go! As far as social media goes, it is very fast paced. Having a strategy in place for your content can make sure your tweets don’t get lost. Keeping an up to date calendar with points you want to make on Twitter can be useful. It can help with time management and assure that you are covering everything you want to throughout the month.

Part of your strategy can be offering discounts via Twitter. You can create engagement by encourage people to re-tweet your tweets for a discounted price on services that your business offers.


They can sometimes be annoying, but they get attention. Almost everything has its own hashtag now. They can center down a point being made on Twitter and can get your business involved in the dialogue and therefore get you attention.

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