The Importance of Blogging – Blog, blog blog away!

The Importance of Blogging – Blog, blog blog away!

In the 1990’s blogging became a new way for people to express themselves, and share experiences and opinions online. For some writers, blogs became an online diary. Fast forward to 2016 and we see that most companies have a blog section on their website. It is a way to keep clients and consumers up to date with what’s going on within the company or to write about what is trending within the industry.

Blogs can be written in many styles and will normally hold the attention span of readers if they remain within the 200 to 250 word mark. People like to skim over information and if your company isn’t blogging, then you are missing out on an effective tool to reach many people quickly and effectively.

Blogging is a sure way to increase your online presence, it is a proven way to increase your SEO. By posting frequently it shows search engines that you have original content and quality content. This helps your rankings when a consumer does an online search for your industry.

Don’t stress about writing the blogs, there are many professional blog writers who are fast, knowledgeable and cost effective. Professional bloggers know how to utilize key words that will allow the blog to have a large online impact. A well written blog can bring traffic to your website, be a fantastic marketing tool and allow you to express a personal side of your company to your customers. Blogging can promote you as a leader within your industry. Treat it as an opportunity to show off your company’s knowledge and expertise.

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