Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media has changed the entire way businesses and individuals market themselves. There are countless options, many of them free, to reach thousands of people with the click of a button. Here are some social media marketing tips to help you navigate through various platforms.

  1. Consider using Twellow, it is a great tool that allows you to find targeted users in any category within Twitter. Think of it as a yellow pages within the loved social media platform that lets you maximize who your audience is.
  2. Look at past content you have posted online. Analyze what posts, photos and blogs received the most likes, comments and feedback. What was popular? What wasn’t? Use this information as a guideline for what content you should include in new posts.
  3. Always include a link back to your website when you post on sites such as YouTube or Instagram. If you make the link accessible, chances are users will click on it, be directed to your site and then learn more about your businesses and services offered.
  4. Create a plan for social media. Create some targets, goals and ways to reach them. For example; who are you targeting, what is your goal in reaching them (sales, feedback, promotion), what is your content, what structure will you use for your posts and what tone will you set. Having a plan laid out makes social media marketing less intimidating.
  5. Be consistent in posting. Figure out what time works best for your posts to be seen. If you have a large international audience, work around the time difference. Then set a schedule for your posts so people come to expect and look forward to them. You don’t want to overwhelm people so much that they block you, or go silent for weeks so your audience forgets about you. Edgar is a social media scheduler that allows you to create future content and ensures it will be posted at the right time. Edgar is a great tool that allows for planning and organization.
  6. Don’t overuse Hashtags. Be strategic in using them and allow them to tie together relevant information. Use ones that are easy to spell and remember. If you go overboard, people will stop paying attention to them.
  7. Make note of your most popular social updates and write blogs about them. Short blogs get read the most, so keep them between 250 to 300 words.

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