Ranking in the Search Engine – Aim to be Number One

Ranking in the Search Engine – Aim to be Number One

What does search engine ranking actually mean? When you perform a search for an item or company, the rank is the position sites appear within your search result. Normally, each search page will have about twenty or more listings interchanged with local listings, images, maps and videos. To rank high, your goal is to be number one, you don’t want to be ranked at number ten. Business owners take their SEO very seriously because if you are number one, chances are more people and potential customers will be drawn to your website. This will be the catalyst in getting more business. If you are low ranking, people may just miss you as they scroll down, or assume you are a small business with little experience.

To improve your ranking, you need to be aware of what stimulates your search engine ranking. These can vary tremendously. Google alone uses over 200 individual factors when deciding a sites search engine ranking. These can be accuracy of listings, how relevant a page is, competition, and the portfolio of a site. Some elements of SEO can’t be controlled by an SEO campaign such as a person’s past search history. The search engine will try to make searching a personalized experience and looks at past search information to achieve this. Therefore, website rankings will change from search to search depending on the searcher!

Remember too, it is individual pages of websites that get ranked, not the site in full. Therefore, internal pages and homepages will rank differently.

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