The Pros and Cons of SEO

The Pros and Cons of SEO

It seems as though everything in life comes with a good side and a bad side! This includes SEO, there are pros and cons when working with SEO. Let’s start with some pros. The main pro is that a good SEO will allow your business to be seen by people who are looking for answers to their questions. What HVAC company should I use? Where should I buy a certain product? 40% of people will click on the first business that pops up when they conduct a search using a search engine. You want that business to be yours. Therefore, view SEO as a system delivering a flow of traffic to your website for free! An estimated 2.2 trillion searches are made a year on search engines, this is a market you want to tap into! The leads generated by SEO are solid leads that lead to proven business relationships. The close rate generated from SEO is considerably higher than those generated from email marketing or print advertising.  This in turn will help your business grow. SEO plays a crucial role in securing your company a solid and strong online presence. It can make you appear as an authority in your business area.

So what are the cons you ask? Successful SEO can’t happen overnight, and unfortunately we live in a world where people are impatient and want immediate results, this can lead to frustrated customers who don’t really understand how SEO works. They was to see a fast return on their investment if they are paying a SEO team. For the most part SEO is not free, an SEO campaign is successful when a professional team is hired to do the work, and some business owners may resent this expenditure and prefer to wait on organic SEO results which can be hit or miss. Especially because there is no guarantee in the SEO world that even the noblest efforts will make your company number one on 1st page rankings. SEO results can’t be controlled 100% and can be up to the mercy of search engines and their algorithms.

Despite the cons, it is highly recommended you hire a professional SEO team to maximize your businesses online potential.

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