Popular WordPress, SEO, and Social Media Plug Ins

Popular WordPress #SEO and Social Media Plugins

If you want your blog to stand out from the multitude of blogs out there, integrating buttons that allow for social sharing into the blog allows readers to share it quickly, and with little effort. Social bookmarks, and sharing buttons, means that your blog can be shared thousands and thousands of times and drive more traffic to your site, therefore having a positive effect on your SEO. It is recommended that you add useful links instead of a plethora of buttons to every social media platform out there! For example, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook Like and Facebook Share.

WordPress has many social media plugins that will allow you to do this. Here are two of the best social media sharing plugins for WordPress. The first one is SumoMe. SumoMe is free, unless you want access to the advanced features. Simply add your URL and create an account, you add your blog and install SumoMe onto your site. WordPress makes it easy, you simply install the free plugin and insert code for your blog. It is a very simple process.

Monarch is a second suggestion if you are looking for a paid social media sharing plugin for your WordPress blog. Monarch gives you the capability to place social media sharing buttons in various places on your blog and they have carefully designed buttons that are created to encourage sharing. To use Monarch, you have buy a license which gives you access to all themes and premium plugins. As a bonus, it allows you add social media buttons on mobile sites and fly outs for adding email subscription options.

Remember, don’t underestimate the power of your blog being shared. A larger and wider audience can be reached sending your blog post viral.

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