Twitter purchased Periscope in 2015. It is a live streaming mobile app that allows you to go live from your mobile device anyplace at any time. Think of it in a way as being your own individual broadcasting station. Once downloaded, viewers can listen and watch you stream video and audio (on PC’s and Macs), allowing live feedback and discussions making it 100% interactive. It can then be replayed, saved and removed. Signing in is easy, you can do it via your Twitter account.

This type of app is extremely useful for businesses. You can present information, services, tutorials, host question and answer sessions and show off your speaking skills. So how do people know about your broadcast? They will be informed if they are following you, if your broadcast is shared by people to their followers, if you invite them to watch it, or even if someone follows you on Twitter. Just make sure your notifications are turned on! Twitter will even send out updates for you letting people know the Broadcast is about to start. If people miss it the first time, they can watch a broadcast replay that is exactly the same, except for not being to interact via comments and live chat. It will still show a map with the broad casters location, allow viewers to decide if they want to follow you and share the broadcast via Twitter or other social media platforms. As the poster, you can see who watched the broadcast, either live or a replay and who left comments or hearts

Some of the hype surrounding Periscope is that it may one day, take over YouTube. While this theory would take a while to become true, it is interesting that people are already seeing such potential in a relatively new app.

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