• 5 Reasons Why PPC Marketing Is Important For Your Business

    Whether you own a start-up or a well-established business, it is essential to immerse your business in powerful online marketing strategies like pay-per-click (PPC). Should you invest in PPC for your business? Let us tackle the five (5) main points that explain the importance of pay-per-click marketing to businesses. Budget Control With a strategic pay-per-click campaign, all you need is a brilliant copy to attract targeted and relevant traffic at minimal cost. Everything is measurable- from the clicks you get to daily conversions, giving you better control of your expenses.  PPC offers you a clear-cut idea of your complete expe... Read More

  • Build Your Online Reputation And Dominate Local SEO With This Tool

    Digital marketing presents a unique opportunity for business owners to develop a strong online reputation to boost sales and improve their bottom lines. The key is understanding how to be successful in leveraging the right tool to build your online reputation and dominate local SEO so you're appropriately positioned to achieve your objectives. Today, we will share you a powerful tool that can help you improve your brand’s reputation and propel your website to the top of Googles rankings. Cornerstone Local is a fantastic add-on service that gives you the power to be in charge of your reputation and allow for lead generation. Her... Read More

  • Social Media Marketing Statistics That Will Change Your Thinking

    Social media marketing just keeps growing and growing, and organizations can’t afford to miss out on the latest trends. To survive and surpass the competition easily, businesses need to check the latest and most important numbers behind social media advertising. Buckle up for these latest social media marketing statistics! According to MarketingSherpa, online adults aged 18-34 are more engaged with a brand through social media. Ambassador says that 2.71% of consumers who have experienced a positive service with a brand via social media are likely to recommend it to other people. There are 2.56 billion global mobile social ... Read More

  • Busting The Top 5 Online Marketing Myths

    We’ve heard many interesting takes on internet marketing, and we believe some of them without even bothering to check. But believe it or not, plenty of online marketing myths exist. Today we will demystify the top five digital marketing myths you can’t afford to believe in the digital world. Myth # 1 Your Website is Your Business’ Overall Plan It’s crucial to think that your website is all you need for a successful online business. The truth is your website is just a portion of your entire business plan. It’s just one of the many aspects of e-commerce that needs to synchronize with others for a fruitful online venture. Yo... Read More

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