• Mobile Apps for HVAC Business

    We cannot deny the fact that the competition in the HVAC business is becoming tougher each day. Because of this, it is always a great idea for business owners to find the best ways to increase the productivity of their business. Good thing is that, we are now living in a world where technology is part of our daily lives.Since majority of businesses nowadays run their HVAC business from phones, having mobile apps for HVAC business is definitely a huge help. Here are some of the most common mobile apps every HVAC business owner should take advantage of.EvernoteAre you looking for the most fantastic note-taking app? Well, Evernot... Read More

  • CSMS Facebook Analytics

    Facebook is such an important part of building your businesses social media presence. Facebook understands this and helps page owners by offering analytical tools such as page insights. The overview tab will give you great data at a glance showing how many likes your page received, amount of people your posts reached and your basic engagement situation including clicks, reach and targeting. Looking at the likes tab will show you if your page is growing positively or negatively over time via a graph, or if there is a pattern of what leads to increased likes and where they come from. This information can give you some ideas on what is working f... Read More

  • CSMS Branding & Identity

    Branding, identity design and logo design are three different parts of the puzzle that join together to form your business’s image. It may be easy to group them together, but they have different roles. Cornerstone Marketing Solutions is more than happy to help guide you through the differences and what they can do for your company.A logo is what identifies your company through a graphic of some sort, a mark or an icon. A brand is the intended emotional perception that represents your corporate image. Identity means the visual aspects that create the brand. Your brand, or corporate image should reflect the company as a whole entity. It i... Read More

  • Cornerstone Local CSMS

    At CSMS, we pride ourselves on offering our customers numerous services and assistance getting their company noticed via internet marketing & SEO optimization. We offer numerous training classes in the HVAC field, and a wide range of printed promotional materials. One of our additional services is called “Cornerstone Local”. There is an entire section on our website, including a video that explains Cornerstone Local in great detail. This blog will provide you with a quick overview on the service. Cornerstone local gives you the ability to ask for reviews while your company is with a client or customer before you leave the job locati... Read More

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