YouTube is a traffic source with almost limitless potential. It is super busy, every single minute 100 hours of video are uploaded by various users. So, with all this competition how do you get your video watched? What will make your video stand out and what will make people watch it?

If you take the time to optimize your videos for SEO by following some helpful tips, you will definitely get significantly more traffic than your competitors.

  • Information from Title Tags
  • Retention of audiences
  • How many people subscribe after watching a video
  • How many dislikes and likes are there?
  • What type of keywords are used in the description tag
  • What tags are used
  • Length of the video
  • How many comments are left and are they positive comments

Here are some of the most effective ways to steer traffic to your site

  1. Write Long Video Descriptions250 words is what you need to have your video noticed. This is important because YouTube and Google analyze the information written about the video to understand your video’s topic.
  2. Use “Video Keywords” for better optimizationIncreasing your ranking in YouTube has wonderful results, but ranking your video in both YouTube and Google should be the goal.Put some time into choosing the most productive keyword. If there are video results on the first page during a search than that is a keyword you may want to think about using as it could potentially get your video ranked high in both Google and YouTube.
  3. Get More Video Views From Online CommunitiesOnline communities like LinkedIn groups are fantastic places to funnel traffic from. Understandably though there are some issues with people randomly dropping links. On the flip side, they are usually open to people sharing what they consider to be helpful YouTube videos.Getting views from targeted communities is crucial since the quality and number of video views is an important ranking factor.

    Find a question in the community that your video could help answer. This will gain your video lots of views and positive comments.

  4. Encourage Subscribing and Linking to your videoLiking and Subscribing are probably two of the most important user experience signals that YouTube uses for their ranking process.Ask people to like, comment, and subscribe in every single video, there is no shame in this! When people really like something they enjoy commenting! User experience is key!
  5. Create Keyword-Rich Playlists that can be navigated through.One of the easiest ways to get more YouTube search traffic to your videos is to organize your videos into playlists. Organization is key! People don’t like an unorganized mess to search through.

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