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Link Building Strategy

Links will not make or break your SEO, but don’t underestimate their importance. Think of links as the pathways between web pages. Search engines use algorithms to determine how pages are connected or related to each other through links. Links can have a domino effect, meaning spam sites will use spam links to similar pages, and trusted sites will use trusted links to other secure pages. Be selective with the pages you use to link from and too. You can employ certain link building strategies to make sure the links you use have a positive effect on your SEO.

Try using links from pages that are popular and receive lots of traffic. This can help you earn trust from search engines. If you continuously link from valid sites, this will in turn, make you be viewed in a positive light and increase your popularity. Link from trusted domains and boost your scoring metric. Sites such as schools, government pages and trusted organizations are examples of high-trust domains.  Remember though, pages lose popularity over time causing link signals to go stale.  Use fresh links so search engines see your page as being updated and relevant. Always make sure the links you use are related to your site. If you are selling bird houses, use links from sites with similar content and interests. Too many off-topic links can be a negative strategy.

Keep social sharing in mind. There is an ongoing debate on how search engines factor in social link signals into their algorithms, but their importance can’t be denied. Socially shared links may rank differently than other links, but they draw attention and get noticed. Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter when used carefully can provide a positive link experience for your page and help boost your SEO.

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