Instagram: It Isn’t Just For Funny Pictures Anymore

Instagram: It Isn’t Just For Funny Pictures Anymore

Instagram is a photo sharing app that was mainly utilized as a friends sharing pictures with friends instantly platform that started back in 2010. The difference was they reformatted the downloaded photos to a square shape similar to a Polaroid instant photo from before the digital craze.

Sharing photos of your businesses products and services on Instagram helps gain popularity and shows the public who and what you are without saying it. Millions of people young and old are following other users on Instagram to get sneak peaks of new products, a behind the scene view of a business, social, business, or community social events, and also creative ideas to use for themselves. It is free marketing in its simplest form.

Intrigued? Download the free app on your mobile device and create an account quickly and easily. Be consistent and keep it simple. Follow other users, like, and comment on their posts. Use hashtags for an even greater reach to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Use video clips to give future or current customers an inside look at your company and why they should purchase from you.

If you want to be in the palm of everyone who owns a smart devices hand, then what are you waiting for? Create and Instagram account today to show the world how great your business is.

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