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Facebook vs. YouTube: Who’s Winning the Video Marketing Battle?

There have been new statistics coming out showing that Facebook is becoming the new go-to place to watch videos instead of YouTube. In fact, Facebook has actually surpassed YouTube in the amount on videos viewed on desktops in homes and businesses. Facebook has been actively improving and focusing ontheir video capabilities by introducing playlists, video tabs, a featured video module for pages and the ability to embed Facebook videos across the web. Does this mean you should no longer use YouTube for video marketing needs? The short answer is no! While Facebook is becoming increasingly popular, YouTube still has over 1 billion users. Most importantly, YouTube is still the world’s second largest search engine behind Google. So if your goal is to gain new customers or interest via a search, then YouTube still allows for great organic growth. Using keywords and making your video accessible via YouTube is still a very productive marketing tool to attract new interest. It would be wise to continue to use YouTube, yet educate yourself on the new features that Facebook is offering and keep utilizing Facebook advertising. Without a doubt, Facebook video advertising is on the rise and more and more companies are using it as an advertising platform with positive results. Facebook offers a larger opportunity for engagement and shares, which is why more and more advertisers are turning to the social network for their video campaigns. A happy blend of both platforms is the best path to take.

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