Facebook vs. Google Plus

Facebook vs Google +

Let’s be honest, trying to compete with Facebook is a challenge. The beloved social media site has a tight grip around the globe that is hard to break. This doesn’t stop companies trying though! Google + is one of these entities that has made an attempt at being competitive and trying to gain some of Facebook’s multitude of users. Google is extremely multi-faceted, and offers consumers a wide range of choices from being a search engine to managing business pages. Google + at first was marketed as a rival to Facebook but it was deemed as confusing for users. It was meant to be a platform layer that bought together all of Googles sharing models. Consumers became frustrated having to need a Google + account to do things such as leaving comments on YouTube videos, or needing a + account to utilize some of Googles other services. This has since changed, but consumers can be picky, and Google lost some of the social media market which can be difficult to win back. As a result, Google + has struggled to find a niche, which is the complete opposite of Facebook whose role in social media is understood and utilized by the masses. Google + was unable to compete on the same level of Facebook. This doesn’t mean it is a useless platform though. Google + is taking a more focused direction with the launch of “Collections” and its chat app “Hangouts”. This new direction will allow Google to re-focus and perhaps become attractive for users who were disappointed by Google +, but want alternatives to Facebook.

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