Facebook Power Editor

Editor is a management tool used by advertisers for bulk ads creation. Think of it as a plugin which meshes nicely with Google Chrome. It has an upload, download system allowing you to download information from Ads manager and then use it to build campaigns and ads. You can access it by going to ads manager and hitting power editor on the left hand toolbar. It will prompt you download your data which you can then filter.

Some great tools exist within editor. One of them is the ability to control the time when your ads show, making sure it is at a time when the majority of your targeted audience is online, in any time zone. You can even decide if you want your ad to only be seen on a mobile device, and how many times it can be viewed. You can split the audience of your ad to see what group gives you a better response. If you have many ads you want to run, editor allows you upload them via an Excel spreadsheet, and you can duplicate campaigns.

Editing and designing the ad is simple. This is because errors will be clearly identified letting you know you have not finished everything you need to before the ad can be posted. Just follow the instructions and it will be self-explanatory how to create a completed ad. You are in control of the link description, the headline, images and text. A preview is generated for you to review and decide if you want to make changes.

When you are done reviewing, you simply click upload and voila! You have an add (depending if it passes Facebook review process)

Editor is easy to use, multi-functional and generates great results. It is a solid feature created by Facebook and helps take the guesswork out of ad creation.

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