Facebook Analytics

CSMS Facebook Analytics

Facebook is such an important part of building your businesses social media presence. Facebook understands this and helps page owners by offering analytical tools such as page insights. The overview tab will give you great data at a glance showing how many likes your page received, amount of people your posts reached and your basic engagement situation including clicks, reach and targeting. Looking at the likes tab will show you if your page is growing positively or negatively over time via a graph, or if there is a pattern of what leads to increased likes and where they come from. This information can give you some ideas on what is working for your page and what isn’t working.

The reach tab allows you to see if paid sources or organic sources are having a higher reach impact. There is a breakdown of Facebook actions such as shares and comments, or if your posts have been classified as spam or hidden. Want to know what part of your Facebook page gets the most traffic? The visits tab will identify if most people go to your photos or timeline for example. If you are wondering when to post, you can even see a graph showing when most of your visitors are online.

Facebook analytics is great to figure out what posts engage people and appeal to people, you can even find out demographic information about your visitors and this could change what you post about to make sure you are reaching your targeted audience. If you feel your Facebook page could be more effective and have questions on how to manage it, contact us at Cornerstone Marketing Solutions and let our social media team help you out.

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