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At CSMS, we pride ourselves on offering our customers numerous services and assistance getting their company noticed via internet marketing & SEO optimization. We offer numerous training classes in the HVAC field, and a wide range of printed promotional materials. One of our additional services is called “Cornerstone Local”. There is an entire section on our website, including a video that explains Cornerstone Local in great detail. This blog will provide you with a quick overview on the service. Cornerstone local gives you the ability to ask for reviews while your company is with a client or customer before you leave the job location.

This is a proven way to increase your online presence. Search engines love positive reviews! Our website integration feature allows you to arrange your best content into city specific pages. Cornerstone Local makes it extremely simple to generate and create relevant, unique and powerful content for your website with our Android and IOS mobile app. You can post action shot photos showing clients and customers what you are working on, check into job locations showing the geographical scope of your business and reach out to your customers and clients for reviews. Cornerstone Local makes it a breeze to accumulate lots of great reviews. These reviews will impress people who visit your website.

Expect calls from new clients and customers based on what they have read. Your webpage will have a Verified Customer Review badge linked to your branded review page. This way, reviews are not co-mingled with ads from competitors. This makes it all about YOU and reviews from YOUR customers. So far, we have received great feedback from our customers about Cornerstone Local. It works! It gets positive results and makes you stand out when compared to your competitors. Contact us to learn more about Cornerstone Local and what it can do for you.

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