B Online Website Scan

One of the tools we use to show our clients how their company is viewed, in the eyes of Google and their local directory listings, is our B Online website scan. Google cares about the accuracy of your listings not the quantity of them. For local SEO purposes, local listings are crucial to your performance, and sometimes managing local listings isn’t as easy as it appears.

Local listing means, in a nutshell, websites that show the location of your business, address, phone number, links, maps and photos. These websites can be Facebook or even Yelp for example. Not everyone searches on Google, some consumers search on iPhone or even their GPS (although this is now a little outdated!) Our scan shows where you appear on these searches.

Google, of course remains the most popular search engine and it values consistency. How does Google choose what listings appear? Google has an algorithm it uses when making a decision, consistency of citations is what will make them choose you! The higher the number of credible websites that report your business is at the same location, with matching information, makes Google assured that your listing is correct and trustworthy. You need to make sure all your business information is correct. No consumer wants to dial a wrong number, or drive to a location simply to find out the business has moved across town. Google doesn’t want this either.

Our scan will show you what consumers find when they look for your business.

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