80% Of HVAC Marketing Strategies Fail - What You Need to Succeed

80% Of HVAC Marketing Strategies Fail – What You Need to Succeed

For years, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors have been in the competition for a rather infamous and uninspiring crown: the greatest number of business closings. 

Studies have found that 80% of all HVAC sales need at least five follow-ups to be successful. This never looks good.

Some HVAC companies spend years developing their businesses and then expect the world to appreciate their products and services. Unfortunately for them, savvy customers no longer fall for old-school and lousy marketing strategies. It’s time to embrace change.

That’s where digital marketing comes in.

Digital marketing can be overwhelming—from not knowing what it is, where to start, and who to ask for help. The million-dollar question is “Should I invest in HVAC digital marketing?”

Is digital marketing worth it?

Take a look at a few examples of results our digital marketing services have generated for one of our clients, Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating, an HVAC contractor like you:

  • 42 % Increase in Organic Leads
  • 92.5% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 85% First-page Visibility for HVAC terms
You may download the full report here.

So, the answer is YES! Digital marketing (AKA “internet marketing”) (AKA “search engine marketing”) is worth it—but only if you do it right—with the right digital marketing strategies and with the right company.

Digital marketing works—only if you do it right!

As we head into 2020, here are easy-to-follow digital marketing tips to grow your HVAC business.

Build a great website.

People are searching for your HVAC business online. Yes, 97% of consumers research local businesses online—a good reason to have a great website. When we say “great”, we mean a conversion-friendly one. An essential part of running a website is to ensure that it offers potential customers easy ways to read up on your business, pick up the phone, or fill out a contact form.

A well-designed interface has visible contact numbers on it, multiple contact forms throughout, easy-to-navigate and informative content, and compelling design features that encourage users to take action.

The bottom line: build a great website. If you don’t know how, then ask us.
Check out the 5 signs you need to revamp your website.

Invest in social media marketing.

The success of your social media marketing campaign depends on your strategy. This includes choosing the right channels, targeting the right audience, and using the right content. It is equally important to know how the online community will engage with your page. Build a customized profile for your HVAC business page, and then provide the best tools, links, resources that your fans and followers will find valuable.

As seen below in Rhino Heating & Air’s page,  we have provided quick links to the contact page—a feature that is more likely to convert to a lead.

Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning Facebook page

Get your business in front of the right customer with local SEO.

While your HVAC website is your most essential piece of strategy, don’t stop there.

A new survey of 2,000 consumers found that 86-percent use the internet to find a local business and 74-percent of the respondents said that they use a search engine when they are looking for a local retail or service business.

Are you wondering why your competitors show up Google’s first page and you don’t? The answer: local SEO.

Local SEO (AKA “search engine marketing”) is about optimizing your website, social media profiles and online business listings to rank better in your local service area.

HVAC SEO services can get your business in front of the right customer at the right time. SEO experts know well how to improve your rankings, boost your online presence, and increase your leads. From local SEO, search engine marketing, local citations, and inbound marketing to on-site and off-site optimization, SEO services are extremely important to make sure your HVAC website appears on the first page of search engine result pages when people look for your services.

Find out how local SEO can impact your business.

Increase your online visibility with PPC.

Unless your HVAC website is on the first page of search engine results, you’re missing out on customers and revenues. With PPC marketing for HVAC companies, you can start setting a significant increase in your online presence and leads.

Smart HVAC business owners know that a solid online presence is the key to getting more leads and booked jobs. If you look up Google for a keyword phrase (e.g. “furnace replacement city, state”), and your website does not show up on the first page, then you’re sending your prospective customers to competitors.

Why invest in PPC?

  • PPC campaigns are highly flexible, which means you may increase or cut your ad budget at will.
  • PPC ads generate visits from qualified visitors.
  • PPC campaigns can be turned on and off any time
  • PPC ads can be run whatever days and times of the week you’d like.

Get a Free Website Audit

Request a free website audit to get actionable recommendations insights to improve click-through rates, conversion, and more.

Get your free website audit.

Every day you ignore your lousy HVAC marketing strategies is another day for your business to go under. Make a move while it can still be turned around. Contact our team and we will help you put your HVAC company on the right path.

Connect with us and achieve your digital marketing goals.

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