7 HVAC Trends that are Shaping the Industry

7 HVAC Trends that are Shaping the Industry

For years, the HVAC industry has taken a 360-degree turn in creating environment-friendly and smart devices and facilities, presenting greater opportunities for businesses. With this in mind, you might be wondering how to step up your own game while constantly meeting the demands of your customers.

Well, you might want to look at these seven (7) HVAC trends that significantly affect how you do business in the industry.

Software Automation

Gone are the days when you need to operate your HVAC business manually. Because today, you can use software and tools to streamline various processes, such as task management, customer service, sales, payments, and technical support. Automated systems help your business to operate more efficiently while ensuring that clients are well taken care of in every project. 

Green Technology

As part of the campaign for energy efficiency, more and more property owners are going green to deal with the stress of high energy costs. A green approach in the HVAC industry has revolutionized the way people heat or cool their homes and commercial properties. These green technologies are designed to reduce carbon footprint and improve your HVAC efficiency by up to 30%.

Solar HVAC

When it comes to sustainable energy, solar HVAC units have been popular for years—and until now! The best thing about solar-powered systems is that you can add them to both existing and newly-constructed buildings. These systems feature a series of solar panels that absorb both light and heat (thermal) energy from the sun.

Geothermal HVAC 

With the changing seasons, you can take advantage of the constant temperature of geothermal energy. Geothermal HVAC systems use underground pipes to control the temperature—given that the pipes are mounted at least six feet underground.  Within this parameter, only the temperature remains constant. You might want to consider a geothermal HVAC equipment if you’re having trouble with uneven and inconsistent indoor temperature.

Smart Technology

Generally, your HVAC equipment is made to heat or cool your indoor space. But, there’s one thing that it can’t do—control and customize your indoor temperature. With the advent of smart technologies and home automation systems, you can regulate your comfort system from one centralized area. These technologies can reduce your energy consumption by 23% in offices and 27% in households.


Dessicant Enhanced Evaporate (DeVAP) is a huge rising HVAC trend that leads the way to an environmentally-safe HVAC use. DeVAP HVAC systems feature an evaporative cooling process where water is run and blown through a honeycomb media. Using dessicant (a substance that absorbs water), a DeVAP system can also absorb excess moisture from the air. This gives you the right level of coolness that is almost the same with what current A/C systems offer.

Sustainable Building Design

There’s one good reason why the construction and HVAC industry share a close relationship: the environment. With the rise of sustainable building design, home and facility owners can enjoy a healthier indoor environment with lesser costs over a lifetime.

Obviously, the HVAC market is constantly growing with these technological advancements that make a huge impact on shaping the industry today.

If you want to achieve better sustainability in your HVAC business, then it’s high time to adapt to these trends. Stay tuned to us for more updates on the latest trends and happenings in the HVAC industry.  Don’t forget to give us a ring at Cornerstone Marketing Solutions for your digital marketing goals for 2020!

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