6 Powerful Takeaways from Ad World Conference 2021

Ad World Conference is one of the largest online advertising events. This three-day virtual conference brings you closer to the world’s business leaders and renowned digital marketers and brands that come together to connect and share their marketing secrets. 

Ad World Conference helps attendees explore the latest trends and strategies and uncovers hidden tactics to make your digital marketing successful. There are speeches, panels, and live Q&A sessions to help you step up your game.

Cornerstone Marketing Solutions takes pride in sharing what we have learned from this remarkable advertising and marketing conference. Ad World Conference 2021is full of actionable insights that we can use to help your business grow, as well.

Here’s a short recap of our takeaways from Ad World Conference 2021:

Live-Streams and Influencer Content

First impression lasts! Customers will stay and get back if you look impressive. They will typically base their impressions on the first ten seconds of experience on your site. Basically, your website should offer a good impression, so visitors would go back for more.

Take a peek on your web design know what you’re missing or overdoing. Have someone to take a look at it and consider his feedbacks. Make some changes whenever necessary to send the right impression to your audience. Making your site responsive and mobile-friendly is a good start.

The Number of Options Can Influence Your Customer’s Decision

Providing your site visitors too many options can be overwhelming. The more choices they have, the longer it takes for them to decide—and often, they end up leaving your site.

Reduce the number of options by providing only what’s relevant to your customers. Personalize your products and simplify everything to make buying decisions much easier. This can be done by asking your customers to take a short quiz for the products or services they are looking for. From there, you can personalize their experince according to their needs.

Add Scarcity in Your Copy

Putting a scarcity trigger on your website’s landing page can encourage customers to buy your products or services with urgency. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Offer Ends Soon

Put information about when your offer will end. Customers will be triggered to buy your offer today, especially if it’s a discounted product or service. A countdown timer on your site might be big help to highlight its finale. 

  • Few Items Left

If your tell customers you have a few items left on stock, they become more triggered to put themselves in the front line to buy your offers. For instance, a “$1000 OFF Complete HVAC Installation—Only 5 Systems Left” will encourage them to call you, ask about the offer, and make installation appointments.

  • Limited-Time Deals

Tell your customers that your offers are at their cheapest now and soon will get back to their regular prices. You can say, “35% Off Limited-Time HVAC Tune-Up Service Is Available Until October 31st Only.”

Have a Visible CTA in Your Site Header

If you use your website to grow your email list, then add a CTA button in your header to direct visitors to the next step and increase your conversions. Getting people to join your email list is a good CTA.

Make sure your CTA button stands out than the other stuff visible on your site. Doing so helps you reduce bounce rates and get more and more people added to your email list. Start growing your email list first, so you can use it to sell your offers in the future.

Make Video Ads Using Heartbeat Method

Heartbeat Method is a tactic of creating videos that change or transition every 1.5 seconds (just like a speed of a heartbeat). People tend to spend time longer watching videos when angles consistently change every 1.5 seconds.

Compile your User-Generated Content (UGC) and product videos and highlight each in your ad video. If you catch their attention in the first three seconds of their viewing, then they’ll probably stay and keep watching until the end.

Highlight the Unique Benefits of Your Products

Take time to determine what unique features and benefits your products or services can offer to your buyers. Include them in your description and ad copies. They should not be found on your competitors to avoid stereotyping and making your brand look the same as them.

Yes, all products may come out similar, with the same functionalities and all. But yours can stand out when you personalized messages and promises that come with your offers. Through it, you can keep your brand unique among others and win the taste of many buyers in the marketplace. 

Digital marketing changes from time to time, and we don’t know what happens next. So we better keep ourselves updated to stay ahead of the curve—thanks to the Ad World 2021 Conference. The event provides us with impactful insights and helpful strategies to take our business to the next level while staying at the forefront of digital marketing.

Our learning matters Ad World 2021 Conference—and we’ll be glad to share them with you. If you find it overwhelming to handle all your marketing efforts and keep them updated with the latest trends, LET US HANDLE THEM FOR YOU.

Call us at (214) 530-9022 or reach us here to book a demo.

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