5 Signs You Need to Revamp Your Website

5 Signs You Need To Revamp Your Website

The internet changes at the speed of light (could be faster) and it means that the strategies your business used 5 years ago are already obsolete. Be on your feet and don’t be left behind by the constant changes. Here are 5 ‘red flags’ which tell you to revamp your website.

  1. Your site isn’t ranking in search results.
    Search engines are changing constantly, and low organic search engine ranking is a sign that it’s time to redesign your site. Some time ago, keyword stuffing was the answer to SEO, but the Hummingbird of Google changed all of that. Today, it is much more essential to have a high quality and original content in your website.
  1. Your website is not mobile responsive.
    While a growing number of searches are performed on Google using desktops, half of local searches are performed using mobile devices. The refined search engine algorithms mean that mobile friendly websites have higher chance of ranking on search engine results. Keep up by having your website mobile responsive.
  1. You have high bounce rates and/or low conversions.
    If your visitors are not converting into paying customers, that is huge problem. That means that your visitors do not find your website very effective and useful and more likely leaving it for a site that would be more useful and relevant to their needs. Keep your audience personas and your own goals in mind before redesigning your online presence and hire a development and design team that is expert in helping you meet your goals.
  1. You’re not being social.
    Communicating and networking are two essential components for a modern online business to succeed. Hence, your website should be an active part of a community. Engage in social networking platforms and establish a community to connect with more audience. The more social you get the more people you get to stick to your website and business.
  1. Your site has no simple, clear and effective call to action.
    Your website must have a strong call to action to get your prospective and existing customers moving. For instance, don’t get them to sign up for a membership program only to purchase your product. Instead, let them purchase as a guest.

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