5 Link Building Lies You Must Ignore

5 Link Building Lies You Must Ignore

The more links, the better! How often have you heard these lines? Tons of information about link building has left people in confusion. Good thing, our experts are here to clear your mind.

To take away all the misconceptions, we’ve busted five (5) link building lies that you might get caught up in.

No-Follow Links Have Zero Value

Believe it or not, no-follow links aren’t completely useless in the SEO world. In fact, they still hold some weight and value, especially when you’re trying to increase the number of entries in your backlink profile. No-follow links still drive traffic and build authority because Google knows they exist somewhere.

Guest Blogging is Spamming!

Many website owners do guest blogging because they believe it’s an effective link building tactic—and they are right! What’s wrong is writing tons of guest posts for a website without fitting into these criteria:

  • Your post should be placed on any relevant website.
  • The website should have a loyal and established audience who are interested in your content.
  • Write long-form, meaningful, and original content with high value and lasting impression.

Remember that every SEO strategy requires patience, time, and consistency—and guest blogging isn’t an exception.

Only Links with High Domain Metrics Matter

The truth is—a link builder should definitely seek sites with high metrics, but it doesn’t mean that links with low domain authority (DA) are worthless. Any prospect link (even with low domain metrics) that is perfectly relevant to your website is a good link. Focusing solely on the metrics will keep highly relevant opportunities out of sight. Besides Google, no other entity can deem a link irrelevant or insignificant.

Send More Mails to Get More Links in Return

That’s an old sales principle! Sending out generic emails to everyone, even to those with the littlest relevancy is a dead case. In link building, you’re more likely to get more conversations and conversions when you send emails that are personalized and more thoughtful. Doing this won’t make it look like your emails are junk mails.

Backlinks are The Backbone of SEO

Studies say that ranking a website is quite impossible without backlinks—and it’s half-true. What is 100% true is that backlinks make up only a fraction of over 200 ranking factors in search engine’s algorithm. To climb up to the first page of search engines, your website needs a combination of technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and content marketing. Neglecting any of these elements including backlinks makes SEO a tough fight.

Don’t fall prey to these SEO myths that you read online or heard from someone. If you want long-term SEO success, you have to solicit facts only from the experts—and that’s us! For your SEO struggles and misperceptions, feel free to talk to us at Cornerstone Marketing Solutions.

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