5 Lethal Mistakes You’re Making With Your Brand Identity

5 Lethal Mistakes You’re Making With Your Brand Identity

Business owners mess up from time to time, but making mistakes on your branding strategy has proven particularly costly. Trying to avoid a disservice to your business? Avoid these five deadly mistakes that can kill brands!

Making Your Brand Too Complicated

Your brand identity embodies your business, its mission statement, values, and purpose—and it’s something that your audience should clearly understand. A strong brand identity shapes your business reputation and builds credibility with your customers. But if you’re overcomplicating it, chances are your audience won’t remember and trust you.

Brand Development Isn’t Your Priority

Building an authentic brand identity is hard when you’re not investing resources and time in the process. If your brand identity is underdeveloped and not setting the right standards, it could lead your business to failure. Brand development is a high-priority task that requires you to identify factors that set your business apart from your competitors.

You Don’t Fully Understand Your Target Audience

Ideally, your brand should provide solutions to the needs, wants, and problems of your audience. But without complete knowledge and understanding of their situation, hobbies, and interests, you can’t craft a powerful brand identity that suits their needs. Start by doing market research and identifying how your brand can help your target audience.

You Are Inconsistent

Creating a consistent brand identity doesn’t mean you’re going to be stagnant and repulsive to change. Through time, your brand should evolve while implementing brand new marketing tactics. Consistency in brand development simply means that your audience should continue to remember you wherever you are on the web.

If every brand experience a customer has with your company is different, they won’t know what to expect in the future. In every touch-point, be sure there’s consistency in the type of experience they get from you. 

You’re Ignoring Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter play a vital role in building your brand’s reputation. Ignoring these platforms means missing out tons of valuable information, feedback, and opinions relevant to your business growth. Unanswered complaints or questions can ruin the identity you worked hard for. Manage your social media sites proactively just like what you do to your actual business.

Your brand is your business as a whole, and any small mistakes with branding can seriously cause its downfall. If you need expert help in establishing your brand, CONTACT US at Cornerstone Marketing Solutions today!

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