Mobile Apps for HVAC Business

cornerstone mobile-app for hvac

We cannot deny the fact that the competition in the HVAC business is becoming tougher each day. Because of this, it is always a great idea for business owners to find the best ways to increase the productivity of their business. Good thing is that, we are now living in a world where technology is part of our daily lives.

Since majority of businesses nowadays run their HVAC business from phones, having mobile apps for HVAC business is definitely a huge help. Here are some of the most common mobile apps every HVAC business owner should take advantage of.


Are you looking for the most fantastic note-taking app? Well, Evernote may be a great app for your HVAC business. With this mobile app for HVAC business, you will no longer have to worry about getting an ease of access to the notes taken on your own desktop from your mobile phones, or even vice versa. The best part is that, synchronizing your notes automatically all across different devices is made easier with this app.


Outdated contact information is not a problem anymore with this amazing mobile app for HVAC business – Addappt. Through this app, business associates can now update their own contact information in their address book directly as long as they are also using the app.


iFleet is one of the most popular mobile apps for HVAC business. The best thing about this mobile app is the fact that it equips HVAC technicians with ease of access to the schedules, company forms, contact information, service histories, and a lot more. If you want to unlock the efficiency of your business outside the corners of your office, this mobile app is what you need the most.


If you do not want to lose your important information for years, Dropbox is the best mobile app you can ever consider, because why not? With this app, you can easily backup your important documents and data right on the cloud for safekeeping. In addition to that, it will also give you the ability to have an access with them from different devices you use.


Business owners perhaps may agree that video streaming, games, and social media are among the things that may spell the death of employees’ productivity. Luckily, RescueTime is there to solve the problem. This mobile app for HVAC business is responsible for tracking the time mainly spent on websites and applications. Moreover, the app also sends the detailed information based on the activity of the users. The reports are very helpful as they can help you determine the wasted time all throughout the day.

The above-mentioned are just some of the few mobile apps for HVAC business. Since modern technology is giving businesses more chances of succeeding, business owners should find ways to take advantage of these advancements. This way, they can be sure to become steps ahead of the competition. Apart from that, they will also have the edge over their competitors, which in turn will bring them to the summit of success.

CSMS Facebook Analytics

Facebook is such an important part of building your businesses social media presence. Facebook understands this and helps page owners by offering analytical tools such as page insights. The overview tab will give you great data at a glance showing how many likes your page received, amount of people your posts reached and your basic engagement situation including clicks, reach and targeting. Looking at the likes tab will show you if your page is growing positively or negatively over time via a graph, or if there is a pattern of what leads to increased likes and where they come from. This information can give you some ideas on what is working for your page and what isn’t working.

The reach tab allows you to see if paid sources or organic sources are having a higher reach impact. There is a breakdown of Facebook actions such as shares and comments, or if your posts have been classified as spam or hidden. Want to know what part of your Facebook page gets the most traffic? The visits tab will identify if most people go to your photos or timeline for example. If you are wondering when to post, you can even see a graph showing when most of your visitors are online.

Facebook analytics is great to figure out what posts engage people and appeal to people, you can even find out demographic information about your visitors and this could change what you post about to make sure you are reaching your targeted audience. If you feel your Facebook page could be more effective and have questions on how to manage it, contact us at Cornerstone Marketing Solutions and let our social media team help you out.

CSMS Branding & Identity

Branding, identity design and logo design are three different parts of the puzzle that join together to form your business’s image. It may be easy to group them together, but they have different roles. Cornerstone Marketing Solutions is more than happy to help guide you through the differences and what they can do for your company.

A logo is what identifies your company through a graphic of some sort, a mark or an icon. A brand is the intended emotional perception that represents your corporate image. Identity means the visual aspects that create the brand. Your brand, or corporate image should reflect the company as a whole entity. It is the primary idea and identification that pushes the company forward. It is the perception your audience will have about you.

Identity design focuses more on the specific image that is created around visual devices that are monitored by a set of guidelines that fit the branding. It is meant to be recognizable to the consumer and can consist of a logo, specific marketing, signage, packaging, marketing, and basically anything visual that represent the company.

The logo, while part of identity is increasingly clear cut. The logo is for identification only, it is not used to create sales, or offer a description. It is to be a symbol, that when seen by a consumer, they immediately know what business they are dealing with. It should be instantly recognizable and memorable, the swoosh on a Nike shoe, or the apple on Apple products. Sometimes, the most successful logos are the most simple. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our associates at Cornerstone Marketing Solutions.

Cornerstone Local CSMS

cornerstone local
cornerstone local

At CSMS, we pride ourselves on offering our customers numerous services and assistance getting their company noticed via internet marketing & SEO optimization. We offer numerous training classes in the HVAC field, and a wide range of printed promotional materials. One of our additional services is called “Cornerstone Local”. There is an entire section on our website, including a video that explains Cornerstone Local in great detail. This blog will provide you with a quick overview on the service. Cornerstone local gives you the ability to ask for reviews while your company is with a client or customer before you leave the job location.

This is a proven way to increase your online presence. Search engines love positive reviews! Our website integration feature allows you to arrange your best content into city specific pages. Cornerstone Local makes it extremely simple to generate and create relevant, unique and powerful content for your website with our Android and IOS mobile app. You can post action shot photos showing clients and customers what you are working on, check into job locations showing the geographical scope of your business and reach out to your customers and clients for reviews. Cornerstone Local makes it a breeze to accumulate lots of great reviews. These reviews will impress people who visit your website.

Expect calls from new clients and customers based on what they have read. Your webpage will have a Verified Customer Review badge linked to your branded review page. This way, reviews are not co-mingled with ads from competitors. This makes it all about YOU and reviews from YOUR customers. So far, we have received great feedback from our customers about Cornerstone Local. It works! It gets positive results and makes you stand out when compared to your competitors. Contact us to learn more about Cornerstone Local and what it can do for you.

What is a responsive web design?

responsive design
responsive design

Responsive web design is creating a webpage that will resize itself or “responds” to the type of device it is being viewed on. For example, a desktop, a laptop, a tablet of various sizes, an IPad or a smartphone. Due to the popularity of mobile devices and apps, consumers are using smaller screens in which to view websites on. In response to this growing trend, a responsive website is important when attempting to stay relevant. Different types of screens are now available, so we need to make sure we can build user friendly sites for all of them.

So, the goal is to have one site that responds differently when read on different size devices.  On a fixed website, the layout changes from looking at it on a desktop compared to a tablet and it isn’t user friendly. Ever notice some sites when looking at them on a tablet make you scroll horizontally or some elements are hidden from view? A portrait orientation has to be turned sideways to be viewed in landscape view. For the most part, consumers don’t like this inconvenience. Graphic heavy sites can take longer to load onto a smart phone which is inconvenient when in a rush.

When responsive design is implemented, It means the tablet version will automatically adjust to display the information in a user friendly way. Therefore the content is easily accessible and easy to navigate through. Page elements are sized by proportion and media images are resized relatively so the impact and vision is not lost no matter what device it is viewed on.  Small details are considered, such as “touch”. On a phone or tablet, there is no mouse to navigate with so what is easy to select on a desktop, isn’t on a smaller device. Same goes for graphics, it makes more sense to not include lots of graphics for mobile devices. A responsive web design means you don’t have to create different pages for every device or operating platform. Instead it allows there to be flexibility so one can page can be viewed on many devices.

Why Content Marketing is Essential for SEO Success

content marketingSEO and content marketing are not the same thing, but they go hand in hand and overlap. Content marketing does not eliminate the need for SEO, nor can it overtake SEO, it is hard to separate the two. Think of them as being the yin and yang that form one circle while overlapping. It is correct to view content marketing as larger and broader, while SEO is perhaps more narrow and technical in nature. For SEO to be broader, it has to endeavor into content marketing and for content marketing to succeed it must implement SEO.

SEO can make demands and run the show, and content marketing will fulfill the demands. Therefore, they complement each other like two best friends! Successful SEO demands content and simply put, content marketing is content! There is no such thing as SEO without content or keywords. Applying keywords, researching them, putting them into a practical application is content marketing. You have to use keywords strategically through well written content.

Even building links boils down having high quality content making people/businesses wanting to link back to it which means high SEO success. To get a link back you need content that people want to link to. Search engines, especially Google like fresh content. Sites need a steady updated, output of content.  Consistent output is content marketing whether you realize it or not. If you work on SEO you are working on content marketing and vice versa.  They are not disconnected and both are essential for each other to operate at a successful level. Both will fail if they are not incorporated together.

The Pros and Cons of SEO

seoIt seems as though everything in life comes with a good side and a bad side! This includes SEO, there are pros and cons when working with SEO. Let’s start with some pros. The main pro is that a good SEO will allow your business to be seen by people who are looking for answers to their questions. What HVAC company should I use? Where should I buy a certain product? 40% of people will click on the first business that pops up when they conduct a search using a search engine. You want that business to be yours. Therefore, view SEO as a system delivering a flow of traffic to your website for free! An estimated 2.2 trillion searches are made a year on search engines, this is a market you want to tap into! The leads generated by SEO are solid leads that lead to proven business relationships. The close rate generated from SEO is considerably higher than those generated from email marketing or print advertising.  This in turn will help your business grow. SEO plays a crucial role in securing your company a solid and strong online presence. It can make you appear as an authority in your business area.

So what are the cons you ask? Successful SEO can’t happen overnight, and unfortunately we live in a world where people are impatient and want immediate results, this can lead to frustrated customers who don’t really understand how SEO works. They want to see a fast return on their investment if they are paying a SEO team. For the most part SEO is not free, an SEO campaign is successful when a professional team is hired to do the work, and some business owners may resent this expenditure and prefer to wait on organic SEO results which can be hit or miss. Especially because there is no guarantee in the SEO world that even the noblest efforts will make your company number one on 1st page rankings. SEO results can’t be controlled 100% and can be up to the mercy of search engines and their algorithms.

Despite the cons, it is highly recommended you hire a professional SEO team to maximize your businesses online potential.

Popular WordPress #SEO and Social Media Plugins


If you want your blog to stand out from the multitude of blogs out there, integrating buttons that allow for social sharing into the blog allows readers to share it quickly, and with little effort. Social bookmarks, and sharing buttons, means that your blog can be shared thousands and thousands of times and drive more traffic to your site, therefore having a positive effect on your SEO. It is recommended that you add useful links instead of a plethora of buttons to every social media platform out there! For example, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook Like and Facebook Share.

WordPress has many social media plugins that will allow you to do this. Here are two of the best social media sharing plugins for WordPress. The first one is SumoMe. SumoMe is free, unless you want access to the advanced features. Simply add your URL and create an account, you add your blog and install SumoMe onto your site. WordPress makes it easy, you simply install the free plugin and insert code for your blog. It is a very simple process.

Monarch is a second suggestion if you are looking for a paid social media sharing plugin for your WordPress blog. Monarch gives you the capability to place social media sharing buttons in various places on your blog and they have carefully designed buttons that are created to encourage sharing. To use Monarch, you have buy a license which gives you access to all themes and premium plugins. As a bonus, it allows you add social media buttons on mobile sites and fly outs for adding email subscription options.

Remember, don’t underestimate the power of your blog being shared. A larger and wider audience can be reached sending your blog post viral.


Link Building Strategy

link building strategy
link building strategy

Links will not make or break your SEO, but don’t underestimate their importance. Think of links as the pathways between web pages. Search engines use algorithms to determine how pages are connected or related to each other through links. Links can have a domino effect, meaning spam sites will use spam links to similar pages, and trusted sites will use trusted links to other secure pages. Be selective with the pages you use to link from and too. You can employ certain link building strategies to make sure the links you use have a positive effect on your SEO.

Try using links from pages that are popular and receive lots of traffic. This can help you earn trust from search engines. If you continuously link from valid sites, this will in turn, make you be viewed in a positive light and increase your popularity. Link from trusted domains and boost your scoring metric. Sites such as schools, government pages and trusted organizations are examples of high-trust domains.  Remember though, pages lose popularity over time causing link signals to go stale.  Use fresh links so search engines see your page as being updated and relevant. Always make sure the links you use are related to your site. If you are selling bird houses, use links from sites with similar content and interests. Too many off-topic links can be a negative strategy.

Keep social sharing in mind. There is an ongoing debate on how search engines factor in social link signals into their algorithms, but their importance can’t be denied. Socially shared links may rank differently than other links, but they draw attention and get noticed. Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter when used carefully can provide a positive link experience for your page and help boost your SEO.

Different SEO strategies


SEO can take some serious work! Using different strategies can have a positive impact for your SEO. Here are some for you to consider and help you reach potential customers and clients.

Make sure your site is mobile friendly. Over 80% of adults own a smartphone and spend close to two hours a day online. Therefore, Google recognizes 50% of all traffic as mobile. It is very important for mobile sites to be on an equal level as a desktop or traditional site, to have a strong presence, search ability and content. Be sure to use a variety of keywords. SEO no longer looks at just singular keywords. Strong keywords can propel you to the top of search placement. You can use a tool such as Rank tracker, or Googles keyword planner to help you chose keywords that will save you effort and time.

Spend time on social media. If you perform a search for your business do your social media pages pop up? This can assist your SEO positively. Of course, your webpage should be first, but when a user sees your social media pages as well, it cements your brand. It is advised you delete duplicate accounts or inactive pages. If pages come up with wrong or misleading information, make sure they are updated or deleted. Search engines like consistency.

Work on inbound links back to your site. This increases referral traffic and will increase SEO. Get links from quality sources by selling yourself and services to people who blog, write or report on your industry. Make sure you have valuable content on your page that people want to see and link.

If you are struggling to increase your SEO give B Online Marketing Solutions a call, or drop us an email. We have a SEO team standing by to help you.