6 Tips to Boost Your Clients’ Conversion this Holiday Season

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6 Tips to Boost Your Clients’ Conversion this Holiday Season

You want to help your clients achieve a record-breaking sale this holiday season. Is that an impossible thing to do? No!

To help your clients get more customers this Christmas, you need to make their marketing campaigns more conversion-friendly.

Here are easy tips and tricks that will help your clients make the most out of the upcoming holiday season:

  1. Highlight Your Client’s Trending Items

A customer’s best interest in buying an item depends on how the products are presented. One way to grab their attention is to add a bestseller list on your client’s homepage, showcasing their most popular products. Break down the items into segments or categories highlighting their features and benefits.

  1. Come Up With a Conversion-Centric Web Design

With conversion-rich web design, you have the highest possible conversion rate. Reinvent their web design that is focused on driving conversions and making sales. Simplify your background images and avoid bulky design elements. Optimize all the graphics to ensure that the website will load fast per click. Your goal is to keep conversion-boosting designs while ensuring that the website can handle a high volume of traffic especially these holiday season.

  1. Provide ‘Gifts’ Sections

Holiday shoppers are mostly eyeing for gifts so, they will crawl all over the internet to look for something valuable to give. Help them find what they need and want by guiding them to your client’s gift’s section. The gift wrapping option should be displayed accordingly along with the product.

  1. Focus on Package Deals

Nothing is more exciting than getting great bundle deals from a brand that you have been spending money already. Take advantage of the season to offer exciting deals to your loyal customers. Create multiple discounted bundles of products that your customers can’t resist.

  1. Offer Solid Return Policies and Payment Options

Make a clear statement about extended returns and payment options. Your customers should know and understand the policies before adding products to cart. Create tabs on your product page that summarize the policies so visitors can view them before making purchases.

  1. Upgrade Your Marketing Campaigns

Pitch your holiday marketing strategies with out-of-the-box ideas. Go for the untraditional way of selling your products online. Marketing your brand or business doesn’t have to follow the strict rules in advertising. Suggest a new, bold and innovative idea that will drive conversions on their store. Do something unusual without depreciating your client’s brand.

Help your clients win loyal customers and increase conversion this Holiday season with these tips. If you want help with your sales and marketing strategies this season, contact us at Cornerstone Marketing Solutions today.