Paid Search Ad Trends: What Gets People Clicking?

Paid Search Ad Trends: What Gets People Clicking?

There is a fine line between improving your brand promotional scheme and knowing your target audience, and that is creating paid search ads that get clicks. Want to take your PPC strategy into a higher level this 2019?

Here are paid search ad trends that will guide your PPC campaign:

Paid Search Ads That Make Searching Information Online Easier

People can easily recognize search ads, and these ads help them find the information they need. You can get high-quality site traffic through clicks if people find your ads informational and helpful. If the ads are not relevant to their search, chances are they will ignore the ads and opt for organic or nonpaid search results.

Paid Search Ads That Quickly Answers Their Queries

Users are more inclined to click on paid search ads that directly and instantly answer their search queries. Ads that give answers to people’s questions can help your business prove itself as a reliable brand to prospective customers. This will help you make a positive impression on them.

Paid Search Ads with Compelling Meta Tags

Businesses that invest in a compelling title or meta description have higher chances of getting clicks on their paid search ads. Your meta tags should be optimized to help people find relevant content and answers to their search queries. They should provide a high-level of information about your page and its content for web crawlers.

Paid Search Ads on Google Ads

Nearly 63% of people click paid search ads on Google than on other sites. For most searchers, Google is the go-to engine that helps them find information online. For years, it has become the primary source of information where businesses market their brand and products.

Paid Search Ads With Text Ads

Text ads simplify a web page’s content making it easier for searchers to identify if the content answers their queries. This is why most people prefer to click paid search ads with text ads on search engines. Your text ads should display your website’s meta tags which include the company name, web page title, and product description.

Paid Search Ads for Familiar Brands

For people who look for information online about products and retailers, branded search ads get more clicks. Majority of people online likely to click ads from familiar brands than those that they don’t recognize.

Paid Search Ads on Multiple Search Engine Platforms

To get more clickers, you should spend in paid search ads not just on Google but on multiple search engine platforms like YouTube, Bing and more. Other search engines may offer some marketing benefits that Google can’t provide. Engaging in paid advertising on different sites provides businesses a customized marketing experience and greater control over their target audience.

If you know how to format your paid search ads based on people’s preferences and needs, you can get more clicks than your competitors.

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