Busting The Top 5 Online Marketing Myths

cornerstone_busting-the-top-5_webWe’ve heard many interesting takes on internet marketing, and we believe some of them without even bothering to check. But believe it or not, plenty of online marketing myths exist.

Today we will demystify the top five digital marketing myths you can’t afford to believe in the digital world.

Myth # 1 Your Website is Your Business’ Overall Plan

It’s crucial to think that your website is all you need for a successful online business. The truth is your website is just a portion of your entire business plan. It’s just one of the many aspects of e-commerce that needs to synchronize with others for a fruitful online venture. You need not only a website to boost your online presence but a complete package of effective promotional strategies, deep analysis of current marketing trends and many more.

Myth # 2 Everyone is Your Audience

Your business won’t attract everybody. And, giving them discount codes and promotions won’t persuade or hook them if they don’t want your offer. Online marketing doesn’t work this way. Identify your target customers who need and want your products and services and focus on them for a better return.

Myth # 3 What Works for Other Companies Will Work For Us

Every business is unique in one way or another. So, don’t fall prey to the belief that a marketing campaign that worked for them will also work for your business. To stay in the tough competition, you should build a smart online marketing strategy that works for your business and customer’s needs. Go back to your mission, vision, and goals, and stick to them. Keep your marketing campaigns unique from your competitors so people will remember you.

Myth # 4 A Marketing Plan is Just a Waste of Time

Who said you don’t need an online marketing plan? Regardless of the beauty and quality of your products or services, they won’t sell themselves. You need a solid and strong marketing outline that will guide you in achieving your business goals while keeping your customers in the process. Create a map of your marketing journey and stay on the course until you reach your goals.

Myth # 5 Creating Dozens of Website and/or Domain Names is Effective

Having multiple microsites that target specified group of people is okay but running them in various and split directions is a different story. Don’t build multiple websites at once if you’re unclear of your goals. Doing it only makes you unprofessional like you’re trying to spam your business online. Excellent websites are thoughtfully and wisely created.

Don’t be fooled by these 5 online marketing myths. Get expert, fact-based advice and service from Cornerstone Marketing Solutions to succeed in your online marketing campaigns.


Crafting Your Online Sales Funnel: Make Your HVAC Website a Selling Machine

Crafting Your Online Sales Funnel: Make Your HVAC Website a Selling MachineStudies show that around 85% of consumers rely on online search when looking for a credible HVAC contractor. How much of this 85 percent of online visitors have you converted into potential deals with your existing website? Or, should the question be, “Does your website convert visitors into paying customer?

If your current website is not generating positive results, it needs a complete makeover. Here’s how you can make a lead-generating and customer-winning web presence in the HVAC industry.

Create an Engaging Landing Page

An amazing HVAC website is not all about fancy logos and attractive background. To maximize your conversions, it is important to identify the purpose of your website which is to get more visitors and turn them into sales. Your landing page should instruct your audience what you want them to do on their first visit. Do you want them to schedule a repair service? Or, contact you to request an estimate? Stir them with your landing page to make an action that will keep them coming back.

Come Up With a Killer Design

When designing an HVAC website, you want to make a “WOW” impact on your audience. Your design should have the appeal that makes it look different and unique from other sites. Opt for a simple and an easy-to-navigate menu that allows your visitors to shift from one page to another with ease. Be sure to put all information at the right place so your website will not look a mess.

Spoon Feed Your Audience with Chewable Content

Your content speaks about 80% of your business – its goals, motivations, services, and products. Content is everything that you want to tell your readers just like you are talking to them in person. And it’s important to break down each word so it’ is easy for them to digest. Invest in clear, expressive and quality content like no other. Serve a chewable content to your visitors to triple your chances of converting them into buying customers.

Detail Your Offers Just Like Telling a Story

People do not visit your website to simply know your offers but to learn all the information that your products and services include. Generally, they want to see it for themselves if you are the right company for their project. So, discuss each offer in details, bit by bit. Make sure that your readers will stay from start to end.

Your website is your online marketing strategy that should sell. It offers limitless possibilities for your business if you have exactly what your audience wants to see.

Is your existing website not serving your business right? Cornerstone Marketing Solutions is here to put everything in place. Contact us today for help!