7 Proven Online Marketing Tips For Small Businesses To Grow

7 Proven Online Marketing Tips For Small Businesses To Grow

Not familiar with moving your advertising techniques online? Then this is for you! Here are some tips to create a solid advertising foundation that can transform your small business into a solid powerhouse.

Start by dominating social media.

If you want your business to thrive, then social media is your way. Nearly 1.7 billion of the whole population has access to social media, and this is a good opportunity to really connect with people, to build relationships and more importantly, to be noticed. The days of social media being used just for fun are long gone, and now social media is known as a strong platform to exercise the freedom to advertise content.

Engage on Facebook.

There are a lot of creative ways to sell on Facebook, which is one of the reasons why most markets tend to advertise there. Also, it is a lot cheaper and easier to operate, because most people tend to use it on a daily basis. You can even create your own page to post everything that could empower your business. Also, make sure that it is active most of the time, for that is one way to encourage your customers that someone is literally there.

Dazzle-in-Youtube (DIY)

A great avenue for using creative content is through the 3rd largest website in the world, Youtube. If you are not that much into blogging, then maybe visual presentations would get you going, and Youtube appeals to millennials easily. Video presentations online is a creative approach in terms of presentation that could put your business in the spotlight. Having a Youtube channel can let people or your customers get a glimpse of what they are looking forward to, and you can even make it informative and appealing at the same time.

Honor thy customers.

You need them more than they need you. As someone who is new at a business, you should be sensitive amongst every client or customer your product gets into because their feedback would matter, and their online feedback can be your exposure. Make your customers engaging and encouraged through online tags on posts. Being able to know a lot of customers could be beneficial to you, and to your business, because they can help you promote it, like by asking them to rate online, or posting your product on their feed, it can reach people outside your circle of customers,  that could be your potential customers in the future. Also, better give them what they expect, because after all, they are your online critics.

Increase your exposure.

Make your business known by coordinating with other markets or even by sponsoring small events. Anything that can increase your level of popularity to leave your product mark within the minds of any demographic. Coordinate and contribute to other businesses that are in for online advertising same as you, in that way you can reach an even wider scope of popularity.

Boost your content.

Everything is all about content, that is why it is very significant for businesses to feed valuable substance to audiences, something that could not waste their time. Look for inspirations; you could use blogs of the same businesses as you, to have an additional appeal to it. Repurpose your content into even greater forms, and also, broaden your ad at the same time. You can never be too specific.

Make it an elevated entertainment.

People on the internet can be so fed up with ads that they tend to ignore it. So, in all circumstances, also aim for entertainment. Have a factor of relevance, like being in line with a millennial trend; people would often applaud creative ads that could appeal to their interest, by making your product connect with something they give attention to. Always be creative and it can be achieved once you put yourself in their shoes.

All set? Add these tips to your approach and your small business would go for a big shot! Talk to us for more online marketing techniques.

5 Amazing Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Cornerstone Local

5 Amazing Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Cornerstone Local

Ninety percent of customers read online reviews. You can use these actions to improve brand awareness and credibility among customers and increase sales.

Improve your online reputation today! Our Cornerstone Local service can help you do just that. Here are seven ways our add-on service Cornerstone Local can help your business.


Recent studies show the most successful time for a review to receive one is as soon as the job is completed. Cornerstone Local gives you the ability to ask for the review before you have left the job location. This is the proven way for your business to increase its online reputation by receiving positive reviews from clients and customers.


Cornerstone Local offers website integration which allows you to reel in the power of your growing online reputation and propel your website to the top of Googles rankings. The plugin options we offer are designed to allow you the ability to segment your reviews by local city, region or company representative. This means you can arrange your best content, local customer reviews into city specific pages.

With the integration options offered by Cornerstone Local, you can harness the power of your growing online reputation and propel your website to the top of Googles rankings. Verified customer reviews are formatted, so Google, Bing, and Yahoo recognize them as legitimate and make it easy to plug them into your website automatically.


Cornerstone Local works with any internet connected platform in addition with iOS and Android apps. The review forms are mobile optimized to work on all platforms with modern browsers.


Receive automated weekly review analysis via email. The dashboard allows us to offer a large variety of administrative reports. The reports are interactive, grouped by a date range, listed in detail and are all exportable.


Cornerstone Local offers Facebook integration to build social proof and keep your social networks dynamic. Integrate your review page with your Facebook page for an even stronger online presence that can be shared by your Facebook followers. The best reviews will be posted on your Facebook wall. Remember, social sharing helps improve your reputation. Cross posting, reviews and check-ins all contribute to your success.

Your reputation is everything. Cornerstone Local is designed to help you control your online reputation and achieve greater heights for your business. Talk to us today!