What Is Technical SEO and Why Is It Important?

What Is Technical SEO and Why Is It Important?

Every smart business owner is looking to improve their website and search engine rankings. You may probably have tried on-page and off-page SEO, but have you already tried technical SEO?

You are missing out if you haven’t!

Learn more about technical SEO and why it is important for your website.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a broad term that covers different factors such as on-page design elements, crawlability, loading speed, and server configuration with the goal to determine how well a website ranks in search results. By optimizing across these and other factors, webmasters can improve a website’s ranking for target search keywords, helping to generate more traffic to landing pages.

Simply put, technical SEO describes the efforts of SEO experts to ensure that a website follows search engine guidelines and make sure that it can be indexed and ranked for searches accordingly.

Is technical SEO important?

Yes, it is!

First, it plays an important role in improving search engine rankings. People conduct on-page and off-page SEO to boost rankings, and technical SEO does the same.

However, unlike other forms of SEO, technical SEO can be tricky and should be only handled by an experienced SEO specialist. SEO masters know how search engines crawl a certain website and they know what to look for when they are crawling.

Another benefit of technical SEO is that it keeps your website updated by spotting broken pages or errors. Search engines do not love websites with out of date and broken links. Worse, they can harm user experience.

Technical SEO will always be necessary

As the number of websites continues to skyrocket each day, it’s pretty safe to say that technical SEO will always be necessary. More and more ways are coming to optimize and structure a website, but the worth of SEO will remain the same.

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Bare-Bones SEO: 3 Essentials To Optimize Your Website

Bare-Bones SEO: 3 Essentials To Optimize Your Website

If you are a newbie in the world of SEO, you may feel like you are missing the boat. Gone are the days when SEO was just a simple affair, with a lot of shortcuts here and everywhere. Today, SEO has become more complex.

Why SEO?

SEO is not meant to play games on search engines. Its goal is to create a great seamless experience and communicate to search engines your goal so they can recommend your site for relevant online searches.

Today let’s take a look at the basic essentials of SEO.

Google Webmaster Tools

Being the most dominant search engine, Google has functional tools that help index websites. This is considered essential in terms of gauging online traffic and evaluating search engine ranking. Google Webmaster Tools allows you to gather data about relevant keywords and searches, click-through rates and more. If you want your business to stand out from the competition, then you need this powerful SEO basic tool.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics records any data about websites such as visitors, their behavior and the length of time they spend on the site. Google Analytics works with Google Webmaster tools. Google Analytics works by recording information about searches, the job of Google Analytics is to record interactions with the site and visitors.

Google My Business/Google+

Google My Business and Google + work in harmony. GMB is another basic tool that verifies that a business is indeed a business and is qualified to be listed in the box of businesses together with its location. Google+ is a social network where a business needs to have a presence on. This tool helps in listing verification and can help improve your ranking.

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