5 Reasons Your Website Has a High Bounce Rate

5 Reasons Your Website Has a High Bounce Rate

Whether you like it or not, not all visitors will be staying on your website as long as you would like them to.

Even worse— some visitors leave your site after just visiting one page.

The dreaded high bounce rate. It makes online marketers tense up!

Wait, what’s bounce rate?

Bounce rate refers to the percent of visitors that navigate away from your website after viewing only a single page. Bounce rate is a sign that your homepage is boring.

Does your website have a high bounce rate? If yes, here are 5 reasons why your visitors are leaving your website.

        1.  Slow Loading Time

Nowadays, online users don’t have so much time and patience to wait for websites to load. If your web pages don’t load quickly, your bounce rate is probably high. Here are common culprits of a slow loading time:

  • Large on-page and hidden file sizes
  • Ads from third-party websites
  • Hosting problems
  • No use of HTTP caching

If your website has a high bounce rate, test your site and load speed before getting into the bottom of the problem.

      2.  Poor Content Readability

It’s not enough to have a great content on your website. There are several factors that affect the performance of the content including the organization of the text over the page, the readability, and simplicity. Nobody wants to read through chunks of paragraphs. Your website should include the information that your visitors would need.

Here are several ways to improve content readability:

  • Use big and bold headlines
  • Keep words short and simple
  • Use short sentences
  • Use bullet points to explain benefits
  • Divide the paragraphs into 4-5 lines
  • Easy to read fonts

      3.  Annoying Pop-Ups

Pop-ups, especially when properly timed, can increase conversions. However, many visitors find them extremely annoying.  While some online marketers believe pop-ups don’t hurt conversions, it’s best to test it. The keyword here is “timing”. If your pop-up is increasing bounce rate, you may delay them so your visitors can view the site first.

      4.  Poor Design

Do you find your website appealing? If not, you don’t expect an average visitor to stay on it for a longer time, do you?

Here are examples:

The text is running here and everywhere with unorganized content layout and without white spaces. Your product or service is not in focus. The search bar is missing, or there’s no navigation.

These things will make your visitors leave your website in no moment. Keep in mind that design is essential to improve user’s experience.

       5.  Poor User Interface

Your website may have a lot to offer, but it’s vain when visitors’ interaction with the content is painful. Your website has a poor user interface if it is difficult to navigate, clutter, or not optimized for the current device.

A website with a poor interface has a little chance that anyone stays on it for very long.

Take some time to realize what’s going on and see what you can do to fix the issue. As soon as you analyze the problem, you can make a fix and get people to stay on your site longer and engage them with your brand.

4 Reasons to Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns

4 Reasons to Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns

There are 3.2 billion email accounts in the world. And your customers are probably part of the 91 percent of users who check their email in a daily basis.

So how can you leverage email marketing to benefit your business?

Email automation.

Today, we’ll show you why you need to ditch batch and blast and switch to email automation.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email Marketing is an ecosystem of software and actions that help automate ongoing conversations with customers while maintaining a high level of personalized content. This enables you to make sure that your subscribers get tailored content that they want to read.

Here are 4 ways email marketing automation benefits your business:

  1. Nurture your Leads

With email marketing automation, you can send out timely and relevant content that matters to your subscribers. Automating your email marketing campaigns goes a long way to establish a great relationship with your prospects. Chances are they would tell your friends and social contacts about your business too.

  1. Send Personalized Communication

A reliable email automation tool allows you to easily send out personalized email marketing content and ensure that your message gets delivered directly to your prospects. There are great tools that allow you to use Meta tags to personalize the subject line and body of your email.  Having a personalized subject line can increase your open rates by 35 percent or more.

  1. Reach Your Customer

In terms of social media, getting your email marketing automated ensures that your campaign reaches your customers. With email, you can have a good control of the reach frequency, with the assurance that your campaigns directly go to your customers’ inbox.

  1. Boost Your Revenue with Transactional Emails

Transactional emails refer to messages that are automatically directed to website visitors after they make a certain action. They could download an eBook, subscribe to your newsletter, or make a purchase. These emails usually include basic information such as a link to free download or estimated shipping date.

If you think that email marketing automation can benefit your business but not sure how to get started, contact Cornerstone Marketing Solutions. Our marketing team would be happy to talk to you about automation tools and techniques to increase your conversions.