Tips For Marketing Your Business This Holiday Season

Tips For Marketing Your Business This Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner. It provides many opportunities for businesses to market to customers in unique ways. To get your business ready to cash in on this holiday shopping craze, we’ve put together a list of holiday marketing ideas your business can use.

Use social media.

Social media channels like Facebook have become more than just mere brand-awareness platforms. These channels play a significant role in generating real and measurable sales for businesses. Use the power of social media to grab the attention of your customers. For instance, create high-quality holiday images and seal the deal by directing them to your website using call-to-action buttons.

Get your website mobile optimized.

Another smart trick to market your business this holiday is to set up your website for mobile shoppers. According to research, mobile transactions account for 48 percent of all online purchase during Thanksgiving weekend. Talk to your web development team to mobile optimize your website to get all the extra traffic you want.

Create a sense of urgency.

Use discounts to create a sense of urgency among shoppers. Stress the importance of short-term and once-in-a-year big-time sales. Give customers an incentive to shop at your online store for their last minute holiday needs.

Plan for an increase in website traffic.

Work with your web development team to ensure that your website can handle a significant increase in traffic. Studies show that 47 percent of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less, and 79 percent of customers are less likely to purchase from an online store that takes too long to load.

Provide gift inspiration via Email.

Everyone wants a gift this holiday season, and they want the process to be easy. Remind your customers through email that your company has many time-saving ways to purchase a gift this season. Collect email address from your customers and come up with a gift guide featuring cool gift ideas.

There you have it- joyful holiday marketing ideas to get registers ringing this coming holiday season.

Why Website Speed Optimization Should Be Part of Your SEO Strategy

Why Website Speed Optimization Should Be Part of Your SEO Strategy

Aside from website design, one thing website owners should focus on is their website’s loading speed. Let’s put it this way: regardless of how attractive the design of your website is, if it takes too long to load, your visitors will be frustrated and will lose interest. It won’t take long for visitors to go to other websites if they’re visiting slow-loading web pages.

What Causes My Website To Load Slowly?

Slow-loading performance can be caused by different factors including:

  • Dense site navigation
  • Slow-loading third-party features
  • Multiple page elements
  • Several hosts

Does Website Speed Optimization Matter?

Let’s find out why it’s important to improve your website’s page speed.

It improves rankings on SERPs.

Improving your website’s speed helps Google algorithm in ranking your website. When your site takes too long to load, search engines would only crawl a lesser number of web pages with a certain crawl budget. As a result, it will negatively affect the way your site is indexed.

It reduces bounce rate.

When a website visitor loses interest due to a slow-loading website, he will either click the “BACK” button and move to your competitor’s site or close the window. It would be a waste of time for visitors staying too long on your website. You can eliminate this headache by having your website speed optimized.

It increases conversions.

Having a fast-loading website benefits your business. Your visitors would be delighted to scroll through the other pages if your site loads fast. On the other hand, if every visitor has to wait for your website to load, you’re losing potential clients.

Happy visitors mean happy clients.

Having a fast page speed improves user experience. This is very important, particularly if you want your visitors (especially the new ones) to have a good lasting impression of your business.

How Can I Improve My Site Speed?

There are many things you can do to optimize your website speed.

  • Use Google’s free page speed tool to check your website loading time.
  • Avoid websites with hefty items and lots of flashes.
  • Optimize for mobile speed.
  • Talk with your developer for possible improvement.

Want to meet your potential customers’ need for speed on your site? Talk to us!