How To Identify Your Ideal Customers In 5 Steps

How To Identify Your Ideal Customers In 5 Steps

We’ve got a question for you. Do you really know your customer?

It’s pretty tough for a business to really understand who their customers are, so we’re betting you’re giving no as an answer.

What is an ideal customer?

When zoning in on your target customers, you need to have a good understanding on what really an ideal customer is. We want to make this concept quite simple, so an ideal customer is someone who gets their exact needs from your products or services.

Now let’s get to work. It’s time to identify your ideal customer with these five steps.

      1.  Understand your business.

First off, you need to have a good grasp of your business. It doesn’t only mean you are able to recite your mission and mission in your sleep. It means you need to establish a sensitive understanding of your business from customer’s point of view.

Know what you offer to your customers and what problems do you help them with. It boils down to one thing: know who actually gets value in your offerings.

      2.  Know your goals.

Once you have a solid understanding of your business, the next step is to determine your goals. Are you satisfied with your current customers and do they feel the same way as you?

Take note- your current clients may not be the ideal ones. Maybe you just want to change your focus, modify your business model, and connect with a completely different audience.

That’s the time you need to outline your goals. Know what you really want to achieve because it’s your key to changing your strategies smartly.

      3. Set up a discovery test session.

Everyday established businesses learn a great day from dealing with their customers. And for startups without any customer interaction, they need to come up with strategies to test their theories initially.

It could be a bit tricky since you don’t have a relationship with your target. One possible trick is to offer free samples or beta test relationships to those who are eager to provide you with decided feedback.

      4. Start your CRM thinking.

After trotting your hypothesis and testing it with a group, you should know and define everything as much as possible about your ideal customers. Some information may be basically understood, but much information will be explored in the test sessions and additional research in a more behavioral setting such as social media. Start your CRM thinking by establishing customer profiles including much information than most people get.

      5.  Apply your new ideal customer approach.

The final move is to add strategy model components. The thing here is that when you know your initial ideal customers, it should affect the thinking about your business model and overall strategy. Consider how your new strategy affects the other aspects of your business.

Identifying your ideal customer can seem like a daunting task. However, it’s an essential step to take in growing and expanding your business.

Why Your Business Should Care About Google Reviews

Are Google reviews important to your local business?

Before we discuss the importance of Google reviews, let’s start with a very common example. Let’s say you are looking for an HVAC company somewhere around Dallas, Texas. A quick search on Google shows you a list of HVAC companies in the area.

Recognizing the need, Google has decided to promote local reviews allowing users to leave reviews directly on a local business’ Google or Google Map listing. And since Google reviews are favored by the search engine, it makes sense to have a good presence on Google. Here’s why your business should care about Google reviews.

Improve SEO

Some of the most eye-catching items on Google results pages owe to product review ratings (basically in the form of star ratings).  They easily sum up the overall experience of a customer with a particular product or service. If a customer sees a 5-star rating on the search engine results page, he will automatically go that link before clicking anywhere else.

Solid Impact on Visitor Conversions

Google reviews are essential sales factors. While websites without Google reviews fall below standards, local businesses with reviews gain more traffic and generate a higher level of conversions. With Google reviews, business owners are establishing a level of trust with potential customers before they even visit your website.

Bolster Your Online Reputation

If your local business has positive reviews, it will create an impression to people that your company has a good reputation. People ideally trust what others recommended because they are perceived as genuine and authentic. This trust is an essential part of building and growing your business.

Feedback Loop & Customer Intelligence

Google reviews for local businesses can serve as customer survey response for your marketing and sales team. Additionally, each review generally tells you several things, such as whether or not your company delivered excellent customer service and where your business did an amazing or awful job.

Google reviews can energize the three core areas of your local business – local SEO, trust and feedback. If you’re not using Google reviews, you could be left behind by your competitors.

If you need help putting together a strategy to grow and expand your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.